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Machinery downtimes bring massive losses to industrial enterprises. iReDS vibration diagnostic system prevents rotating mechanisms from breakdown by analysing their vibration patterns. The complex software-hardware solution helps providing unstoppable operation of escalators, lifts, mills, wind farms, and many other mechanisms having rotating elements. Both local on-site and remote control are possible.

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Monkey InvasionMonkey Invasion
Monkey Invasion

Vicious monkeys want to conquer the world. They are wicked fast throwing mud at you. They are getting even faster when you try to tap them. Be careful moving from level to level while beasty monkeys appear from nowhere to carry out their muddy attacks.

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Parcels, pizza, documents, and even forgotten belongings can be delivered in a fast and cheap manner with JAK - the throughout-the-city delivery service working 24/7. JAK provides the clients with an Uber-like municipal shipping service while the car owners get a chance for an extra income via a mobile-based sharing business model.

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Synchronize your move with your marching band. Even the most complicated marching patterns become easy-to-follow with the UDB app. Various marching teams, cheerleaders bands, and large dancing groups can use the UDB mobile app to achieve an advanced coordination.

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Photo-editing capabilities of PhotoShop and Illustrator are now available on your smartphone. The EnVision app is a marvelous combination of professional visual editors and mobility of smartphones. Create great visual designs with your gadget on the fly like a pro.

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Transform the essay writing, test task fulfillment, and even thesis defense into your positive educational experience with the ALab application. ALab provides students with a virtual environment for all their assignments where they can specify a task, add learning materials, and set deadlines in just a few taps.

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