The UDB mobile application helps to arrange various performances when marching teams, big dance groups, and cheerleaders bands require an advanced coordination. The system can drive you to the right direction during a certain period in order to synchronize your move with the other team members. The unique capabilities of the Ultimate Drill Book app provide you with numerous customizable options making your interaction with the whole team perfectly visualized when the complicated drill scenarios become easy to perform as never before.


The client is a musician who cannot imagine his life without music. Owning a company which produced a similar product in printed form the client assigned us to develop a digital version of the product having all possible options. The application should be able to synchronise music with the location of each member of a marching team. Moreover, each forward step should follow on from previous movement in a real-time mode. The option of making notes should be also available.


We have developed applications for both iOS and Android as well as a web-based solution in order to arrange communication and synchronisation between team members. The following key features of the UDB platform are worth mentioning:


  • Login & Registration

The login & registration procedure is performed through requesting an access code. Such a feature provides better security for the users.

  • Perfect Pathways

The predefined pathways for every marcher can be developed in order to correlate the movements of all team members with each other. The feature determines your actual location showing where to move in the next tact. Besides, it suggests the way your trajectory should be changed whatever directions (straightforward or along the arc of circle) are implied.  

  • Notes

The feature allows making notes as well as adding pictures. The different roles imply dedicated sections where the notes can be edited in accordance with the roles. For example, the Master role along with the director/lead/performer ones are available. The director is able to edit notes to share them among all users. The private notes can be made for personal use without having to be visible for the others. The personal notes can be shared among different devices if a user has several ones.  

  • Music Section

The section contains various sheet music. It is possible to make personal notes right on the sheet music.

  • Music synchronisation

The sheet music pages are connected to the particular tracks. The real-time synchronisation of the sheet music is performed with regard to a definite tracking period.  

  • Field Customization

The feature allows to customize the size and type of the fields automatically. Once various sports imply different courts and fields such an option is worth applying.

  • Admin panel

The panel allows to manage a group of users. A group leader (Director/Lead) invites users to follow the group being able to assign them to various roles at the same time.


Indeema iReDS uses triaxial accelerometers (IDAx-132) to collect structured data about the condition of rotating mechanisms. Our digital sensors interact with Atmega32U4 microcontrollers that allows us making the sensors programmable. We can cofigure sensors to hold the configuration directly on them.


Each system can include up to 8 accelerometers. The box is designed on the basis of ARMy7 processor that allows to sort preliminary and analyze the data.


Indeema iReDS Main Server receives information from all rotating mechanisms through HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and saves this data in a DataBase*.

  • Forestall breakdowns early to avoid downtimes;
  • Figure out the location of each malfunction;
  • Plan and organize the work of services teams more efficiently;
  • Create a map of rotating mechanisms;
  • Analyze common patterns of the cycles and trends reflected by the customer’s mechanisms.
  • Normal operating equipment
  • Level of vibration
  • Allowance of continued mechanisms operation
  • Dangerous vibration level, which can lead to failure of mechanisms/
Project overview

Technologies for iOS

  • Language: Objective-C
  • Data Storage: Core Data, NSUserDefaults
  • Communication with DataBase: MagicalRecord
  • Network request: Afnetworking
  • Image editing: CoreGraphics

Technologies for Android

  • Language: Java
  • Data Storage: RealmDB
  • Communication with DataBase: RealmDB +Custom RX Wrapper
  • Network request: Retrofit
  • Image editing: Canvas

Technologies for Web

  • Language for API: Node.js
  • Language for Parser: Java
  • Frameworks for development: express, mongoose, moment, ioredis, mailchimp, react, redux
  • Frameworks for testing: mocha, chai
  • Data Storage: MongoDB
  • Cashing Storage: Redis
  • Platform: iOS, Android, Web
  • Type: entertainment, education
  • Project Status: released v.2.0
  • Type of Service: design & development

It was a challenge for us to find the outsourcing developers who could cope with 50 pages of coordinates, QR codes, videotaping, and many other features combined in apps for both Android and iOS in addition to a web app interface. We felt comfortable with Indeema once they offered us a full dedicated team able to create such a complex cross-platform software as UDB. They were very transparent and knowledgeable demonstrating high professional skills in both development and research.

Luke Gall, The USA

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