“Success in business today requires real-time, mobile access to business opportunities.” - Bob McDonnell

Our Mobile Development Expertise

Our approach is:

To create mobile apps that engage

To enrich app design with experience

To go about app development with passion

Namely the iOS platform was historically the initial mobile app development proficiency of Indeema. When iPhone 4 appeared in 2011, it was hardly possible to find a company capable of developing iOS apps in Ukraine. Back in those days, we gathered a group of artists and enthusiastic developers to create various logic games.

Since that time, our mobile app development department has hired 25 developers of various qualifications. Today, our mobile development expertise covers the widest possible array of business segments beginning from banking and industry and up to medicine and education.

Even the simplest mobile application requires a lot of time and dedication for being developed perfectly. Before writing the first symbol of code we are used to dive deeply in searching of whatever we can find about the subject of our customer’s assignment. The analysis of competitors is crucial for a B2C mobile app project, for instance, and we start just from this, therefore. The sky is limit for perfection, and our designers keep striving hard in rendering even the tiniest element of the mobile application user interface. Since we strongly believe in the Lean Customer Development, a minimum viable product (MVP) has become the “must-have” stage providing us with our customers’ feedback. Thus, we always take the custom mobile app development to heart appreciating greatly the trust of our precious clients.

  • Custom mobile app development

  • UI / UX

  • Native iOS applications

  • Native Android applications

  • Cross-platform mobile apps

The Road Map Of Our Development Process

Indeema offers the most cost-effective mobile solutions whatever platforms and devices are involved: iOS and Android, smartphones, tablets and wearables – everything within Mobile is native and familiar for us. Possessing a rich experience in both native and cross-platform mobile development approaches, we are able to add value and productivity to any business be it industry, healthcare, education, banking, or whatever else our customers are engaged in. We offer our clients only delicious receipts seeing mobile development as cooking art where we apply the best approaches to custom mobile application development. Try our app development cuisine, and your mobile users will be hypnotized by the exquisite applications we create.

The entire path of mobile development from the core idea of an application up to its public launch:


The technologies orchestrating our development

  • Geo-location


  • realm


  • cocoapods


  • Objective - C

    Objective - C

  • crashlytics


  • Swift


  • Firebase


  • alamofire


  • retrofit


  • Java


  • Picasa


  • Kotlin


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