Mobile Application Development

Mobile is the front line for growth for lion’s share of enterprises and emerging companies. Let us help you get an app developed, let customers reach your business in one tap. Embed it in users’ daily routine. Show your product and services upfront.

Our Approach in a Nutshell

Create engaging mobile apps
Design wonderful in-app experience
Develop apps with passion

Our Expertise

Here’s why we pride ourselves in mobile app creation for companies and vast variety of products, services, and industry:
Understanding Galore — To create minimum viable product (MVP) and then fine-tune it to perfection, we gather info, feedback and strive to walk in users’ shoes.
Background Experience — From banking and industry, up to healthcare and education, with native and cross-platform, we feel at home.
Utmost Dedication — We let no detail escape our attention. For apps to solve business goals, users must have a wonderful experience.
Lifelong Learning — We evolve on a daily basis. Cutting-edge technologies, trends, approaches, we study them and put into practice.

Our Services Include

Custom Mobile App Development
UI/UX App Design
iOS Native App Development
Android Native App Development
Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

Outlining the Process

Throughout every project, we create strong relationship with our client, based on three pillars: process transparency, responsibility and communication. This allows us providing customers with cost-effective excellent results. We’re here for you at every stage.



Converting the customers’ ideas and needs into technical requirements comes first. When starting a project, we explore competitors, platform trends and define typical users. Our mobile app development team critically views possible approaches and architecture, and then presents and agrees with customer on the best fit.



Appealing and efficient, intuitive and literally hands-on, app must meet and fulfill user tasks. While polishing mobile UX design, we keep in mind, prototype, and test both usability and aesthetics. We also think through the interaction — activity, navigation, media, involved hardware (GPS, camera, etc.).



Upon agreeing the interface and navigation, we brand the UI and implement the functionality. The technology stack depends on project specifics, latest trends, and operating system. Since iOS and Android differ, we take that into account when developing native solutions as well as cross-platform ones.



We always implement and utterly test to achieve smooth performance and meet quality standards. After the app is complete, it’s time to roll it out to your users. We also can provide post-launch support for future OS versions and upgrading, and are able to suggest the road map for future enhancements.


The technologies orchestrating our development

  • Geo-location


  • realm


  • cocoapods


  • Objective - C

    Objective - C

  • crashlytics


  • Swift


  • Firebase


  • alamofire


  • retrofit


  • Java


  • Picasa


  • Kotlin


Tell us about your project and business. Let us build top-notch solution for you. Usually we get in touch in several hours.

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