Custom Web Development Services

Web is the new normal. Indeema can help get your project up and running at a minimum time and with maximum productivity. Our expertise includes whatever complexity, area, and scale you need. Explore how we can assist your company with web design and development.
When starting a new project, we ponder over two things. First, how to deliver best experience for the end users and, consequently, bring success to our customers. Second, what platform, tools, and technologies should we use to make the project most efficient yet cost-effective. We’re strongly committed to Lean Customer Development and take pride in each project. Our customers recommend Indeema web development services to their partners and that’s the best endorsement sign for us.
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Custom Web Development Explained

Custom website development means creating a unique, customized website or web application that perfectly aligns with your brand and business goals. Besides one-of-a-kind, custom website design, custom web solutions feature functionalities developed to be as efficient as possible.

A beautiful and functional, user-friendly website or web app is imperative if you want to provide a rewarding user experience and stand out from the competition.

Experienced team at our custom web development company can build a custom web solution from scratch or customize your existing website or web application.

Our Services Include

Prototype & Design

Prototype & Design

Since the user engagement is essential, we always establish and simplify UX first, making even complex, multifunctional projects easy to use. We create the interactive prototype, with all interactions clickable, and then enrich it with UI. We can also implement or adjust your existing design.



Secure, flexible, and manageable website or application you can assess anytime and from anywhere. Ranging from static websites and up to multi-tiered web apps, cloud is fast, scalable and affordable solution. We can help to select the best cloud platform, create or migrate, and deploy your project.

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Front End

Front End


This is all about developing user interaction based on the design, the look and feel of site or app. We use the latest technologies to provide users with smooth performance, reliability and great experience. We can also implement your own design, add new features, and improve the existing front-end functionality.


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Back End

Back End


Behind the scenes of any web solution, back-end developers implement how users complete their tasks and get the results. Back end includes data storage, update and retrieval, logic and security, integration with APIs and servers. We not only use the existing tech stack but develop our own solutions for customizing complex projects.




Designing a robust and efficient database is the key for satisfying customers, especially, if your project includes a whole lot of diverse data. Well-structured database lets you find a needle in a haystack within a second. We take into account the scale and workload to develop the best-fit for the project.



Assuring every part of the app runs smoothly and efficiently, infrastructure is well placed, fully tested and automated, are the basics of DevOps work. Apart from that, our DevOps find the best solution for a customer in terms of scalability and distribution. All in all, we assure continuous integration and save costs on deployment.

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Quality is essential. We test every solution thoroughly, using both automation and manual tests. When presented to end users, a site or app must be clear, secure, predictable, satisfy users and bring success to customer. We test until no defects, risks, or ambiguity remains and instantly eliminate bugs at each development stage.


Custom Website Development Services For Diverse Industries

With over eight years of experience in providing and supporting custom web development solutions, our website developers have worked out a unique approach to software creation that allows our development company to provide high-grade custom website development services. Our development team offers innovative, reliable software solutions to meet your specific business needs.

Custom Web Development Process

Research & DiscoveryPlanningTechnology Stack SelectingDesignImplementingFront-End DevelopmentBack-End DevelopmentTestingDeploymentMaintenance & Support


Why Choose Indeema Software For Your Custom Website Development

  • 1

    Broad professional expertise

    With over eight years of experience working in web and software development for a variety of industries, our professional developers can help you build an amazing website or web application with your business goals and requirements in mind.

  • 2

    End-to-end web development services

    From conceptualization to launch, our custom web development company offers a 360-degree approach to developing websites and web applications. Our custom web development services include business analysis, market research, app or website design and development, and continuous maintenance and support.

  • 3

    Focusing on your success

    We approach web design and development with our customers’ goals and complex business problems in mind. From planning to post-launch support, we make sure that each development phase is client-focused and helps us make another step toward achieving your business goals.

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    Professional web design service

    Our extensive experience in web design services helps us transform complex business logic into a convenient, easy-to-use solution. UI/UX designers at our web development services company create fascinating, high-performance web interfaces to effectively address your users' needs.

Customer Success Stories

IoT Solution for Managing Solar Energy Usage

Web service that simplifies solar energy management for Swiss market. Creating, deploying, and managing energy usage of solar systems, visualizing trends, optimally distributing the energy, and defining optimal consumption/production strategy. Different roles in place for efficient user support as well as swift configuration update of PV systems. Installer companies use the service as it saves money and prolongs amortization period of PVs...

  • Industry: Energy, Solar/Wind Energy
  • Service: IoT Consulting Services, Tech Advisory, Web Development, Front End Development, Back End Development, Database Development, ...
  • Lifetime: 2018 - Ongoing
  • Client’s Location: Switzerland
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Technologies We Use

  • crashLytics


  • swift


  • firebase


  • alamofire


  • retrofit


  • java


  • picasa


  • kotlin



Yes. A software maintenance phase typically involves QA Engineers, PM, and Developers. Indeema Software will provide you with an experienced team of web developers who will be ready to start fixing any critical issues within 8 hours after receiving the request.

UX means user experience, that is how a user interacts with and experiences an app or website. User experience design services help businesses come up with digital products that are user-friendly, delightful to interact with, and can ensure perfect customer experience.

Yes. We have extensive experience working with Internet of Things technology on Web development, which is more complex than traditional web development and design. IoT web development deals with massive amounts of data, excessive communications, security, constantly changing user interfaces, and reliability issues.