Research And Development Services

Take your business to a whole new level with Indeema Research and Development Services. With these services, we will help you get ahead in the market, satisfy your end-users and optimize your budget.

Keep in mind that the future success of your company is defined not only by software development but also by comprehensive research.


Why Choose Indeema Software

Indeema Software is a research and development company that specializes in advanced R&D software services. We consider the research the key stage in the development process.

When working with us, you may be sure that your project will be fulfilled professionally and of the highest quality! Our dedicated team keeps up with the latest technology, tools, techniques, and approaches to bring out the best in your business.

With our software research and development services, you’ll be ensured that everything is taken care of due to our advantages:

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Personal Approach

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Dynamic Work Culture

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Fully Managed Workflow And Processes

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There are two ways of our cooperation in terms of research & development:

You are a visionary person with an amazing idea to implement. You want to create some hardware or software product. However, you lack some expertise to choose the most appropriate technology, develop a concept, foresee all the challenges and trifles, get ahead in the market, etc.


You are a successful entrepreneur with an existing product or technological background. However, the market has changed, so you need to keep up with these changes. It requires some adjustments to your product that isn't possible without rigorous research and development services.

In both cases, cooperation with our team provides you with assurance and peace of mind. The discovery phase is the foundation of your project’s success and competitive advantage. With us, you won’t only find out what is the best suitable solution for your product. You will also have the whole picture of the results you can expect.

Having expertise in various industries, our Indeema team is able to define and solve the issues, foresee and prevent challenges, eliminate risks, and turn your idea into a successful project!

Indeema Software Research And Development Services Process

Our R&D company takes good care of the main three aspects of your product:
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To be able to succeed, we follow an established and effective research & development process.


This phase is crucial. We get to know each other, find out everything about your project, and are ready to establish cooperation having all the cards opened. Due to this, we can customize our services and tailor the project of your dreams.

Having shared your challenges and requests, we start the actual research stage. So, what happens? Our R&D software team starts communicating with all stakeholders, potential and/or existing end-users. Of course, we keep in close contact with your team always to line up the possible solution to your business goals.

What this investigation implies?

Market investigation

Competitors analysis

Defining and estimating business requirements, needs, and goals

Business processes analysis

Defining target audience

Technology research and evaluation

With this information, we are ready to present you with a detailed plan, suggested tools, and related services to reach your goals.


The next stage in our R&D software services is conceptualizing. We form and prove the concept of your future product. This stage consists in defining whether the idea is feasible and achievable. It also determines technological possibilities and budget.


The stage of prototyping is really beneficial for you and your business, especially in the long run. Our research & development approach includes prototyping to prevent any malfunctions or risks of the future product. The minimal costs spent on it guarantee the success of your project and the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders.


Indeema's reliable hardware and software research, concept, and prototype lead to further documentation. Such a specification is crucial for you to have a clear picture of the future product and for our development team to fulfill everything as planned. This documentation includes an overview of the project, all system components, software and technologies specifics, design specification, hardware components, interface and user flows, and all the related services and tools.

Advantages Of Our R&D Software Services

Research and development in business is an essential factor in a product’s triumph. This approach has benefits not only for a business but also for a development company.


It gives you the complete picture of what the project will look like and how it will work after implementation.


As a product owner, research and development in a business give you an opportunity to scale your project and be flexible to any market changes.


Due to applied research and a detailed plan, all team members have a shared vision of a project. The documentation helps implement everything to meet your business needs and precede in the market.


R&D services allow you to cut down on time and money spent on project creation. Market and technology research simplify work and save time and money for all people involved.

Customer Success Stories

To know better our company and our services in outsource software research and development, look through case studies and get to know our customers' success stories.

Predictive Maintenance of Rotary Machinery Equipment

The iReDS is a part of our ViDiSy (Vibration Diagnostics Systems) end-to-end Industrial Internet of Things solution for complex monitoring and analyzing the rotating mechanisms. The system remotely monitors machinery to prevent downtime and determine cause and location of the faults. It is simple, easy to install, configure, and use hardware-software tools that provide industry with actionable IoT data analytics.

  • Industry: Digital Manufacturing
  • Service: IoT Consulting Services, Tech Advisory, R&D Services, MVP Development, IoT Development, Firmware Development, ...
  • Team: 12 engineers
  • Lifetime: 2017 - 2019
  • Client’s Location: Switzerland
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One of the most common issues during the research and development businesses may face is duration and cost. That is why every stage of the process is important to eliminate any unpredictable expenses and spend less time developing.

The estimation of R&D costs is based on a few factors. First of all, it is our previous experience. Secondly, it is the project’s specifics (research comprehensiveness and duration, project complexity, technology, team members, design specifics, etc.). We use the T&M model to estimate it as precisely as possible.

The software R&D team consists of researchers and engineers. They have a profound knowledge of the peculiarities of different industries. This way, they are able to tailor-make the solution for your business.

First of all, documentation is one of our stages in the research and development process. We include all the project’s specifications, which we agreed with you after the research and conception. Secondly, we divide the work into doable steps and keep you posted at all stages.

Our team can assist you with that.
  • - We define your needs and expectations.
  • - Recruit and hire professionals
  • - Estimate the project and verify team members
  • - We also hire managers and administrators to take care of work.
  • - Conduct entity registrations and exit plans
  • - Finalize the department