Dedicated Team

Focus on the business, let Indeema provide you dedicated development team to cover all workload. We can form highly-qualified experienced team and save you time and resources on recruitment and administration. Receive expertise and results.

Dedicated Team at Your Service

This model works best for complex and long-term projects with flexible scope and requirements. You get fully-fledged team that is focused on your tasks only. For example, one of our teams works in fintech industry for 3 years and has developed 3 successful products for a customer.

Outlining Needs

Outlining Needs

Determining the team size, roles, skill set, and experience. Estimate budget and agree on project requirements.

Forming a Team

Forming a Team

Selecting and recruiting developers dedicated to the project. We work out all administration issues.

Synchronizing Workflow

Synchronizing Workflow

Since the post-recruitment workflows may vary, we synchronize all development processes with the customer companies.

Reporting Results

Reporting Results

Delivering reports on continuous integration of the project tasks. Updating requirements and completing milestones.

Consulting Support

Consulting Support

Adjusting the software development team as the scope evolves. Ensuring continuous improvement and fit.

Why Us

Dedicated Team Advantages
More Control Select each member personally. You’ll know them and get better results faster because you understand each other well.
Higher Efficiency Start developing quick and easy — each team member has all relevant skill set and experience to boost the project.
Better Management Manage your team as you see fit. We provide you with all tools to streamline the workflow and any assistance you may need.
Less Expenses We take care of recruiting, accounting, and provide the workplace, hardware, and resources. You only pay fixed monthly fee and employee salary.
How Does It Work?
When you work with dedicated developers, it’s similar to in-house team. You assign them tasks and get results. The only difference is that you don’t deal with staffing and manage your team remotely.
Indeema Team Benefits
Vast Experience Our software development team delivers complex solutions using Iot, Blockchain, web, desktop, and mobile development in diverse combinations.
World Standards We work with customers worldwide and constantly improve our qualification in terms of quality and adopting innovations.
Location Perks Our technical division is in the development capital of Ukraine. We access gigantic talent pool and thus can meet any demands.
Diverse Professionals We are able to cover any level of the IT development be it hardware, software, or combination of both.
Case Study Example
Your team is yours — we comply to any functional and NDA demands. Once we’ve gathered a team over 40 specialists for a large-scale project and synchronized them fully with customer’s company processes.

Tell us about your project and business. Let us build top-notch solution for you. Usually we get in touch in several hours.

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