Software Development Expertise For Automotive Businesses That Expands Market Opportunities

Software Development Expertise For Automotive Businesses That Expands Market Opportunities

  • Integrate cutting-edge components with conventional automotive infrastructure

  • Incorporate AI and machine learning techniques to facilitate improved decision-making

  • Validate roadside real-time data

  • Get products to market faster and enhance quality with each iteration

  • Enable automotive ecosystem interaction

  • Ensure vehicles are prepared for the future by monitoring old and new batches

  • Foster intuitive HMI software for in-vehicle use

  • Connect fleet vehicles to receive OTA software updates and transmit data

Software We Develop For Automotives

Indeema empowers the automotive industry to achieve technological convergence through its automotive software development services and network of remote software development experts. We assist OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in incorporating a wide variety of advanced automotive technologies into their manufacturing processes, resulting in connected vehicles that provide enhanced safety and convenience for drivers.

Connected Vehicles And Telematics

Connected Vehicles And Telematics

Take advantage of connected vehicle opportunities offered by our automotive software development company. Your in-vehicle experiences, traffic safety, and fleet solutions can benefit from combining our car telematics, cloud connectivity, and V2X technology. Our automotive-grade, user-friendly worldwide telematics solutions can help you extract the most value from your vehicles' data, allowing you to provide a more engaging and insightful ride for your customers.

HMI And NDS-Based Navigation

HMI And NDS-Based Navigation

Our engineers are well-versed in all aspects of NDS and HMI map generation and testing, from digital terrain modeling and junction views to POIs and traffic data, from basic map display to lane models, from routing to shared data, and from full-text search. We are also able to construct automatic map delivery systems. By interconnecting smartphones, car stereos, heads-up displays, and backseat screens, this HMI navigation provides a cutting-edge navigational experience to automotive development services.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Improve your business decisions with the help of data science by centralizing your data, integrating third-party solutions, and learning from the insights you obtain. The profitability of your fleet will never again be questioned thanks to real-time indicators, including total cost, cost-per-mile, and asset utilization. Increase uptime and guarantee safety and compliance by being alerted instantly to any unforeseen problems and by fully automating routine maintenance operations, including PMs, inspections, and issue resolution.

How We Build Better Automotive Software

How We Build Better Automotive Software

When you need integrated, data-driven, and long-term automotive industry software solutions, we are your go-to partner for making the most of the digital transformation process.

We're using our automotive software development services expertise to support the auto industry in developing practical software-defined vehicles. Our teams stay current on the latest developments in the engineering of automotive parts, with a special emphasis on electronic control units (ECUs) and ECUs for electric vehicles and the most advanced tools used to build AUTOSAR-compatible code.


Why Our Clients Trust Us

Software Development Expertise For Automotive Businesses That Expands Market Opportunities


At Indeema, we have an embedded team dedicated to helping you scale your automotive engineering services quickly, satisfy rising technology demands while reducing your expenses. We at this company are committed to employing agile methods to create reliable software and firmware. When you work with our automotive software engineering division, you'll benefit from the knowledge of professionals with advanced degrees in computer science, analytics, electronics, and design. With a team-oriented, encouraging attitude, our digital experts will facilitate the best possible digital transformation.



Indeema is well-versed in the difficulties inherent in today's automotive software engineering market and has developed strategies to overcome them. When we take on a new project, we research to ensure that the automotive software solutions we provide are exactly what the client needs. Our R&D team ensures that its engineering services are specifically designed to meet your company's requirements and technological infrastructure.



At Indeema, we provide more than IoT solutions for everyday challenges. Together with our customers, we research and evaluate emerging technologies with the potential to improve operational effectiveness, accelerate business expansion, and take advantage of emerging market trends. Our automotive software solutions help clients realize the potential of Internet-enabled gadgets for their companies. Our interdisciplinary expertise is here to help enterprises leverage the optimal IoT technology framework when it comes to developing data-rich technology solutions for connected vehicles.

Automotive Software Development Technologies

  • MQTT
  • Zigbee
  • Bluetooth
  • Wifi
  • NFC
  • NB-IOT
  • GSM
  • Can Protocol
  • Spi
  • Modbus
  • 2C
  • RS485
  • RS232

Case Studies Of Successfully Completed Projects

Intelligent Electric Vehicle Telemetry

Indeema team developed a unique vehicle control and telemetry unit for Electric Bikes (due to an NDA, the company name has been changed). The vehicle control and telemetry unit in electric bikes is essentially a small computer that is responsible for controlling and monitoring various vehicle functions...

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Service: IoT Development, Firmware Development
  • Team: 6 engineers
  • Lifetime: July 2021–September 2022
  • Client’s Location: Germany
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