Indeema Software Company

​We understand and implement principles of cooperation for successful business of our customers.


Partnership is key to launching great products. Each of our clients are our partners, with whom we have a common aim – make their business successful and effective. This means only successful businesses of our partners can make our business prosperous and thriving.


We always provide comprehensive detailed information not missing even a smallest issue. This means we always know where we are on the path of a successful project. Any developmental issues as we progress are communicated promptly, so that we can both work on a speedy solution.

Common vision

It helps both of us to concentrate on our aim and directs us towards success. Common vision is only achieved with preparation, investigation and deep discussion with the client. We’d rather not start the project unless we make sure we fully understand your needs.




Bryan Barclay

Working with Indeema was wonderful. I have hired many developers and they were by far the best! I never had any problem getting in touch with them, They met the schedule, worked within my budget, and provided top quality work. Volodymr is an excellent project manager and has impressed me with the professionalism he has shown throughout the entire project. They handled my project from start to finish until there weren't any bugs left! Thank you, I cannot wait to start our next project.

Nazeeh Ammari

Indeema never fails me. Always providing quality work within accurate time estimates. I want to highly recommend them to everyone but that leaves them too busy to work with us so I'll just say you can't go wrong with this company. Best iOS developers :)

Jasveer Mohindru

I really enjoy my team of people that assist me at Indeema. They are always enthusiastic and I am very confident they are on top of everything. They care and I see it and I hope we can continue this business relationship.

Zaid Azmi

We run multiple startups and Indeema has been our on stop shop for all mobile app development works. We are a client for more than 2 years now and we have always received quality work. We would easily recommend Indeema to anyone and we would continue working together.

Ahsan Pervez

The INDEEMA team are thoughtful and experienced. They are all sharp on technicals and combine this with an understanding and a human touch. Throughout the development & design process the communication is great, they never let you down on overcoming hurdles and consistently deal with the unexpected in a calm and reassuring manner. Definite value for time and money; I would work with them again in a heartbeat and wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone looking to build a robust and exciting app.

We are always looking for ways to cooperate with other ambitious companies, institutions and individuals. Drop us an email to briefly explaning on how we can both benefit from the cooperation. We’ll get back to you shortly.