Our UX/UI Design Agenda

User experience reflects every aspect of the interaction between users and software. That’s why UX covers the entire realm of features running through products and services of a company. As a part of UX, user interface facilitates the fast and easy adoption of a product by users.

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Our UX/UI Design Services

With the help of our unique UI/UX design services we either create the new original projects for our customers or transform the existing products into more attractive and efficient software. We are following the most progressive UI/UX design trends in order to meet all possible expectations of the future users of your apps.

Research and discovery
Information architecture
Usability testing
Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Research and discovery
  • Analytics
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframing & Prototyping
  • Usability testing
  • Design

We’d prefer to start with a joint brainstorming session with our customers in order to grasp even the tiniest aspects of what we should focus on during our UI/UX design workflow. We thoroughly analyze the similar solutions of the competitors to combine the vision of our customers with the most advanced design techniques. We become the eyes and arms of our customers when their products are developed


When both the content and interface of the best available solutions of the competitors are investigated, we come to a deep analysis of how the users could behave in the context of our customer’s project. We develop various patterns and scenarios in order to realize the actual tasks to be executed through our front-end software development. Numerous screens, modules, and blocks are tested at the present stage of our UX/UI design process


After general understanding of the product’s structure is achieved, we start developing the pathway through which the end users can easily rich every block of an application and every piece of content. We build the entire architecture of a product in a manner which provides users with an ability to grasp the whole functionality of the future app with no effort


In order to show how all interface elements interoperate with the on-page navigation, the arrangement of content in the form of wireframes should be made. The behavior of elements going in line with the whole functionality is the subject of our prototyping process driving the semi-finished products to user beta testing


To make sure the final product is ready for launch in terms of both performance and content we provide beta group testing through various pre-release programs. It is crucial to get the end users’ feedback in order to comprehend the subsequent updates and improvements the product may require


Since all previous stages are completed we finalize the design process using our inherent developing experience along with the natural intuition of the whole team. Even though the particular UX/UI design approaches may vary from product to product, the final solutions we provide always satisfy our customers

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