IoT Mobile App Development Services

Indeema Software IoT mobile app development services offer you intelligent and state-of-the-art solutions. You receive scalable, interactive, and top-notch mobile applications that drive digital transformation. Our team can increase device and user management, data exchange, integration, visualization, and data processing due to IoT mobile apps.

We Build First-Class IoT Mobile App For Connected Devices

Our End-To-End IoT Mobile App Development Services Include

Indeema E

    Indeema Software’s team develops hybrid and native, as well as web and PWA IoT mobile applications. With our expertise in IoT devices and platforms, we are able to fully customize your smart apps and integrate artificial intelligence and machine learning. Moreover, our team enables remote control of IoT hardware devices.

    We have expertise in building the following IoT applications:

    • Smart building
    • Smart office
    • Smart warehouse
    • Smart retail
    • Smart factory
    • Smart management (connected workers)
    • Smart logistics
    • Smart healthcare

    Wearable devices, such as health or fitness trackers, smartwatches, smart glasses, and AR and VR headsets, are engineered with the latest sensors and microcomputers. Indeema Software ensures that your IoT apps for wearable devices are top-notch, hyper-connected, and advantageous overall. For that, you receive full-cycle IoT application development services, including maintenance after release.


    If your team is looking for a software development company to help you put your ideas into practice, you have reached the right address! We offer survey and discovery services, planning and creating your apps. If you have an existing product that needs to be advanced with IoT platform capabilities, our consulting services will help you take your product to a new level of development. Implementation goes more smoothly when everything is carefully thought out during consultations with development companies.


    Indeema Software has a team of qualified developers who discover the most suitable cloud-device interactions. We guarantee the flexibility and scalability of your app due to the API driven by architecture. They analyze the project and later plan and integrate the needed services. With the help of professional management, we ensure the proper functioning of the application.


    If your company is looking for ways to maximize the outcomes, we suggest making your business data-driven. We develop the required structure and functions to process, analyze, transform and visualize all the data from the IoT ecosystem. This way, you are able to see the whole picture, get a lot of insights, and make better decisions.

Our IoT App Development Skills

Indeema Software stands as a premier IoT mobile app development company, distinguished by its profound knowledge and expertise in embedded technology. Our dedicated team is committed to translating your business requirements into innovative IoT applications that drive real value.


  • team

    Specialized IoT teams

  • stack

    Expertise in the state-of-the-art technology stack

  • devices

    Vast industry experience with Internet of Things devices and solutions

  • design

    Prototype and design creation

  • component

    Competent in embedded software development

  • puzle

    Extensive experience in developing IoT mobile apps for connected devices

  • solution

    IoT dashboard solutions

  • security

    High demand and attention to security practices

  • deliver

    Deliver IoT mobile apps that are compatible and integrated

Our IoT App Development Process

In developing IoT mobile applications, Indeema Software follows a rigorous process. The main goal of IoT app development is to bring human value. It all starts with your idea, and it’s where we catch up.

Research & discovery


Our team carries out the business and market analyses, collects information about your vision and expectations, and considers the target audience. Based on the findings, we are able to formulate the ideology and technical stack options for the IoT development project.


Having gathered all the data, our development team estimates the project. Following that, our clients receive the proposal or a plan of action for the whole process of development.



The prototyping process aims at showcasing the final product and how users can navigate it. It helps answer the questions related to the choice of interface, functions, navigation, and general purpose. The prototype eliminates any challenges that could occur in the development process.

UX/UI Design

The user interface should be easy to use, convenient and attractive. Sticking to best practices and our client’s goals, we are able to create the design that will stand out among others and help you provide your end-users with a positive experience, causing business growth as a result.



Having the tech stack being chosen at previous stages and following the whole concept, our developers start the actual development. This is a stage when your idea becomes a reality. Using the needed tools and technologies, the Indeema Software team makes sure there are no missions impossible, the code is valid, and the customer is satisfied.


The testing stage is essential to check out security, functionality, compatibility, and navigation through the app.



The tested app is getting ready to see the world! Depending on what system you choose, we once again check if the app follows all OS requirements and release your product.


The market is changing, your business is developing, and new technologies are appearing. To fit your needs and always be up-to-date, we provide support and maintenance for your app.

Why Choose Indeema Software

  • quality

    Rich Industry Expertise in Smart Applications and Solutions

  • algorithm

    Proven Track Record in Crafting IoT Mobile Apps for Connected Devices

  • security

    ISO Certified IoT Development and Consulting Company

Our Case Studies

Indeema Software's IoT mobile app development services include both the creation of complex smart solutions and the creation of mobile and web apps for existing hardware. We deliver custom software development for industrial IoT solutions, predictive maintenance applications, consumer IoT applications, etc.

IoT App to Maintain Social Distancing

The apps allow you to customize your Maggy to visualize how good you’re keeping social distance.Product triggers signals when two or more devices are close to each other and create a dashboard withsocial crossings in order to notify users as soon as possible when they might get infected...

  • Industry: Healthcare, Consumer IoT
  • Service: IoT Consulting Services, Tech Advisory, Mobile App Development, iOS App Development, Android App Development, IoT App Development, ...
  • Lifetime: 2020 - 2021
  • Client’s Location: USA
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The most commonly used communication protocols in IoT mobile apps that we have worked with are Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), Internet Protocol (IP) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

Following all the stages of development, an application of the Internet of Things is usually developed for about 7-20 months (on average). However, careful planning and project estimation can give you a better picture of the duration.

Project complexity, features, platform compatibility, and the location and expertise of IoT app developers are some of the factors that can significantly affect the average cost of IoT app development services. Larger and more complicated IoT projects can cost more than half a million dollars, while smaller and medium-sized ones can cost $20,000 to $100,000

Outsourcing IoT mobile app development service offers cost efficiency, access to a pool of skilled professionals, faster time-to-market, and the ability to focus on core business functions while leveraging the expertise of specialized development teams.