iReDS is a stationary hardware-software solution created for complex monitoring of rotating mechanisms. iReDS helps preventing mechanisms from malfunction caused by breakdowns of their rotating components. The system is designed for operation with rotating mechanisms having frequency lower than 1 kilohertz. The broad scope of application of iReDS includes escalators, lifts, mills, wind farms etc.


Create a solution which facilitates both planning routine maintenance of rotating mechanisms and forestalling their accidental breakdowns.

The system provides a detailed analysis of the reasons of breakage along with figuring out exactly where the breakage happens.

In addition, the system is capable of providing a complete count of the service life of mechanisms. iReDS is trained to calculate only the actual working hours in order to correlate them with a predetermined service life period.

The following main challenge is to be met: the system should function continuously around the clock while the sensors could be replaced on the go without turning the entire system into a standby mode. Thus, the system keeps running when either a network fails or a connection with a computer is lost.

  • System

We have developed a complex solution composed of digital programmable sensors collecting data for a preliminary data processing along with the software which provides a complete analysis and control of an object. The system can work both within a local network and with remote servers. It provides either a local on-site control or an outside remote operation.   


Indeema iReDS uses triaxial accelerometers (IDAx-132) to collect structured data about the condition of rotating mechanisms. Our digital sensors interact with Atmega32U4 microcontrollers that allows us making the sensors programmable. We can cofigure sensors to hold the configuration directly on them.


Each system can include up to 8 accelerometers. The box is designed on the basis of ARMy7 processor that allows to sort preliminary and analyze the data.


Indeema iReDS Main Server receives information from all rotating mechanisms through HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and saves this data in a DataBase*.

  • Forestall breakdowns early to avoid downtimes;
  • Figure out the location of each malfunction;
  • Plan and organize the work of services teams more efficiently;
  • Create a map of rotating mechanisms;
  • Analyze common patterns of the cycles and trends reflected by the customer’s mechanisms.
  • Normal operating equipment
  • Level of vibration
  • Allowance of continued mechanisms operation
  • Dangerous vibration level, which can lead to failure of mechanisms/
Project overview


  • -C++
  • -Qt

Mathematical methods:

  • -Spectrum
  • -Correlation
  • -Fourier transform method
  • Platform: Java
  • Type: equipment diagnostic system, BigData analysis
  • Project Status: completed
  • Network request: Retrofit
  • Type of service: design & development

When we faced a problem with a turbo-generator #5 at our power plant, the reasons of its increased vibration could not be determined by our diagnostic equipment. Specialists from Indeema Software helped us figure out that the increased vibration has happened due to ageing of the generator casing material. The diagnostics executed by Indeema allowed us to pre-empt about 5000MW/day losses. Great job! We thank Indeema a lot for the prompt and precise analysis.

Yaroslav V. STOROZHUK,

chief of production and technical department, DTEK “Burshtyn TES”

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