Your Business in your smartphone. Is it real?

Your Business in your smartphone. Is it real?

Thanks to smartphones, we no longer need to stay tied to a desk. Plenty of apps out there - organizational apps, videoconferencing programs, point-of-sale tools, PowerPoint assistants, and various productivity apps - can help you keep your business running smoothly. The mobile solutions replaced the major activity to our pockets settling down the business in your smartphone.  

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People nowadays want everything to be at their fingertips, and if companies are not finding ways to provide these tools will soon see drop-off from their customers. Retailers become regular customers of IT developing companies downloading business in your smartphone at Walmart app, for example. Securing a placeholder in customer’s smartphones can help keep a company on the brain, which is especially important in this rocky economy.

Here are three ways an app can improve your business:

Attract new customers to your app

Some companies are using smartphone apps to advertise or expose their service to a new and growing audience. Since most cell phone owners have smartphones, it would be wise to mix and mingle with your target audience through the use of applications. Two wildly popular and ever-growing applications available to all smartphones are Foursquare and Yelp, where users “check-into” locations for rewards. There are enough solutions how to put your business in smartphones actually.

Improve customer service

Not sure what your customers want? You don’t have to make educated guesses anymore, either. Nowadays there are a lot of apps which have built-in feedback tools to measure satisfaction with specific support channels, such as live chat, as well as analytics for both broad overviews and deep visibility into every visitor and customer. Demonstrating how business use smartphones, many apps do more than draw attention to your product; they improve the customer's experience.

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Create a revenue opportunity for business

Some apps present companies with new ways to lift profits, and others are revenue generators themselves. The subject comes to e-business smartphone app development.   You should always look for ways to get new customers into your eatery or a salon creating an app for a business. However, keeping them coming back should be a top priority. Users of smartphones are creating a new, profitable mobile channel in addition to traditional desktop web-channel. Mobile website users are finding Web ordering difficult and embrace native iOS and Android apps that are easier to use and now expect a mobile experience with easy to navigate, fast and seamless ordering. In such a case, a legal question “how much does it cost to make an app for a business?” occurs. It depends. If, for example, restaurant owners haven't yet considered mobile as part of their business strategy.

Using your smartphone to help you upgrade your business helps you improve the following:

  • Ability to manage information at your fingertips meaning you remain in touch & effective regardless your location. Be always in touch with your clients wherever you are;
  • Increase numbers of potential clients by helping them download your app to their devices and find information quickly wherever they are so to be able to see and open your app and purchase from your business;
  • Expand your solutions giving new services which offer an app. It has easy access and mobility. And this is the mobility which should inspire you to consider how to make a mobile app for my business;
  • Cool benefits of mobile apps for your customers like getting special offers and  always  getting  notifications of new events;
  • Faster process for your business -  apps usually load faster than mobile sites so that more users means more customers who lead to better purchasing your product;
  • No connection required – If you need to provide offline access to content or perform functions without a network/wireless connection then an app really makes great  sense;
  • Easy social sharing: this feature integrates social media apps to enable users to easily share content with friends/followers and contacts in your smartphone.

If you still want to start business or organization, the next step is creating mobile app and mobile website, or perhaps both. Both apps and mobile websites are accessed on handheld devices such as smartphones (e.g. iPhone, Android and Windows) and tablets. But research has shown that with a mobile app, businesses can boost sales, retain loyal customers and expand their reach. Anyway, think of possibilities you can reach and don't be afraid to start new approach.

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