Bad pieces of advice on mobile advertising realisation

We selected some bad pieces of advice, or restrictions concerning the efficient advertising campaign. That small research is made on the basis of the most common mistakes during the planning advertising campaigns.


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 Advice #1: Do not waste your time creating an original product - who cares?

Of course, there is no need to create a bright and interesting product - that is superfluous. Why do we do advertising that will attract attention? It is possible to “compress” any layout for a widescreen banner or publication. You can also find a meaningless picture on the Internet and make it a banner by adding a logo. You don’t need to worry about any slogan or a call to action, something that entice user to click. Let him just close the banner with irritation.

Iphone application logotype

Advice #2: A print should be as small as possible!

Yet, if you decided to make an interesting and creative product and even to add an attractive advertising message - select a small font size, so that the user holds the phone closer to the face. That is the only way he can finally find out what you are advertising there. If he’d want, after all. Moreover, the on-screen font doesn’t seem so small, so probably, it will look the same in the phone.

mobile advertising

Advice #3: The button on a banner should also be small!

Do not let the user click on the “more info”, “buy”, “see”, “learn” etc. It is absolutely not in your interest, if the user clicks on the banner. In this regard, we recommend you to do all the buttons small and inconspicuous every time. Preferably, if those buttons will blend with the background and won’t  encouraged to perform an action. Make the user pass a fascinating quest: try to aim your finger accurately enough to hit the button. The conversion of the player (user) would be provided! 

mobile advertising

 Advice #4: More text - less rationality.

Haven’t decided on the advertising appeal? Include as many advertisements on the same banner as you can! Do not stop on the tempting message or bright slogan, provide all possible information about the product! Moreover, by filling out the banner text, you will relieve the user from going to the site, because he already knows everything. Complete a creative history of the company and launch a rotation - now there’s really everything on the banner.


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mobile advertising

Advice #5: Limit the list of sites for placement. 

You’ve made a beautiful banner which calls to click. Now you need to choose a site for placement. Here you have to think as narrow as possible. Promoting the fridge? Place the banner only in applications with recipes! After all, no one else need refrigerators, except avid cooks. You have a brand of clothing for the sport? He, too, no interest, except for users of applications training. Do not let all those who could potentially be interested in your product, to learn about it. Always guided only by a narrow segment.


Iphone desktop

Advice #6: Don’t do a mobile version of the site.

What for? A desktop version with small pictures and text will be enough! The user is always able to zoom in a picture or a text on the screen, awkwardly moving his fingers to see something else. Until he gets bored. And that will happen immediately. By setting the transition to the full version of the site, you will create the most uncomfortable conditions of getting an information. And that is what you want to achieve, isn’t it?

mobile advertising

Advice #7: Set a minimum frequency of banner displaying.

We can not allow the user to see the advertising again! What if he is interested in it and wants to click? Perhaps he missed the message previous time and now is eager to recapture the banner. You can’t allow that. By limiting the frequency of displaying to one unique user, you will not allow somebody to see the banner once again and to click on it. In general, you should not give a second chance, especially when it comes to brand awareness.

mobile advertising f=1

Advice #8: Don’t add a cross close to the banner.

Cross close - is an optional item in the mobile advertising banners. After all, with such wonderful logotypes, all users without exception are interested in passing to your site. Anyway, your banner can be admired forever. Put the user in the hopeless situation: make him click on the banner just to close it finally. That way you will get a percentage of refusals. And will irritate users. Profit!

mobile advertising

I hope that you will not take these bad advices seriously and will conduct  only effective mobile advertising campaigns.


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