Setting up and managing a mobile project at Indeema

During a consultation the client cuts the manager short: "I would like to learn what our cooperation will look like and therefore I've got a number of questions for you...":

Customer: First of all, what is the price of developing my mobile app?

Customer Support: The price of the app is calculated on the basis of the functionality to be implemented, approximate period of time and the platform which it is going to be integrated on. It is also determined by the type of services we provide including the scope of measures managing a mobile application project.

If we develop the project from scratch, store and secure it on our servers, and manage  it throughout the whole process, it will incur bigger costs.

If we use open source code, it will be more economical.

For example...




Low Complexity

Medium Complexity

High Complexity


Up to 3 months

Up to 6 months

Over 6 months

Team size (number)

3 (a manager, middle iOS dev, QA)

3 (a manager, middle iOS dev, QA)

3 (a manager, middle iOS dev, QA)

Number of platforms





Keyboard extension, Shopping app/Fashion app

Travel and Taxi apps

Business applications, social networks

If this app needs multiplatform support, we develop the main functionality for one platform, test and improve it and afterwards start adapting it for other platforms. As a consequence, we kill two birds with one stone: we bring down the development cost and complete the project within a fairly short time frame managing the mobile app project with the advanced approach.


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Customer: What do you do to make sure you meet deadlines and reach milestones at set times?

Customer Support: Our team has been working together for two years and therefore we know how long it will take for each developer to do a certain task. People are different; they emphasize different aspects and we include them into the estimate.This allows us to work a cohesive team captained by an experienced mobile app project manager.

We provide a transparent estimate for clients: we include an element of risk in our estimation and make it known to the client that it is the maximum time the development can take.

Agile lifecycle


Project Manager/Business Analyst: Well, our strategy is simple and effective.

Using Agile, we devise a clear manageable plan. Daily meetings help us keep a close eye on the development process and make provisions for things going wrong.

Since everyone is involved from the very beginning of the project, it saves a lot of time in the long term. We review the estimate after each sprint and this way we avoid potential pitfalls.

CEO: Indeed Agile allows you to predict possible hurdles, calculate an overall budget, easily make changes, etc. It also makes it possible to determine the release date and plan in-between releases.

For example, we are developing a project involving five people. The customer is impressed because we are up to 10 % under budget. Why? We made a realistic plan. We have a PM whose main responsibility is to plan and estimate projects effectively. Everything relevant is to be identified by the mobile app development terms.

Our primary goal is to develop a successful and quality product at a fair price. A satisfied customer is almost certainly a regular customer. Such cooperation is mutually profitable: customers earn by selling their product and we earn by supporting and upgrading it.

Customer: Could you give me the estimate?

Customer Support:  Yes, but to do that and make a real success of the project, I need you to answer these crucial questions.

  • What market is your project aimed at?
  • What strategy will you use to win the market?
  • What are your major competitors?
  • How are you planning to capitalise on this idea?
  • Do you need a prototype to demonstrate to your investors? etc.

We make useful suggestions based on your original ideas and show how that can be improved. Afterwards we make an approximate estimate determining the app development steps.

Sometimes we may ask for source code if the project has already been developed to slash a budget and save your time.

Project Manager/Business Analyst: We make an estimate based on the tasks. It means that we evaluate how long it takes to implement this functionality completely including testing and bug fixing. However, it is a rough estimate as it is impossible to foresee everything. There are bound to be some deviations and delays since the project requires changes or improvements that only become obvious during the development.

Customer: How do you guarantee you will keep within the timeline and deliver a quality product?

Customer Support: The PM monitors the development process on a daily basis. He alerts the team if they fall behind with their work - he identifies the symptoms before the onset of the problem.

Normally the smallest team for the project includes a sales manager, a PM, a developer, and a QA. They liaise with each other throughout the whole process. Each of the members has got sufficient experience to provide you with excellent service.

Customer: Do you provide only outsourcing?

Customer Support: No, it can be outstaffing as well as outsourcing.


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Customer: How do I know if you are the right company to do my job?

Customer Support: First, I would suggest that you ask if we are a company that shares your values. This would allow you to work with like-minded people who will fulfill your expectations.

References on the company website are also a significant point to consider.

Company achievements and successful projects speak volumes about its expertise.

Another thing is quick and easy communication. For example, if you leave your email on the company’s website or make enquiries, we will get back to you quickly.


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Project Manager/Business Analyst: I always say to a potential partner: before you start looking for contractors, make sure you have prepared a detailed description, documentation and design of your future project. It is critical to research your idea, examine similar projects and test its uniqueness. Although, if necessary we will create everything ourselves.

You should also plan the budget and duration. We prepare an estimation based on the detailed description of the project. If an estimated cost is too high, we revise the development strategy in the first app release to keep the cost lower.


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We have learnt the lesson: a client who comes with an idea and a list of questions will award his commission to the organisation that can answer them and satisfy his doubts.

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