6 reasons why your online business needs a mobile app?

6 reasons why your online business needs a mobile app?

So what future is waiting for mobile applications? Will they have the same essential elements in building the company’s image, as well as websites?

Why do we need a mobile app?

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The main difference between mobile applications and websites for the business is that the applications don’t involve customers directly. And if someone tries to convince you that people today are looking for the apps in the AppStore, instead of looking for a product or service in Google, it will sound  somehow affectedly. Mobile applications are used not only for new clients, but also for existing customers who can bring up to 10% of turnover. The mobile application allows you to interact more effectively with an existing “loyal audience” and sell more often as well. Developing a mobile app business fosters the loyalty of the audience.

Why do a mobile app sells more often than the site?

There are a couple of obvious factors:

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1. Mobility. The smartphone is always at hand, and thanks to the mobile Internet, user can be online at any time and in any place. If he wants to order pizza on the way home, it is much more convenient to do it through the application. The development of a mobile app for small business is contributing obviously.

2. Customers’ loyalty. If the user likes company’s application, the requested product or service, he will definitely look for it in the application. So, the mobile app business benefits are undoubted.

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3. Push-notification. You can keep in touch with the customer, reminding him of yourself via newsletters, special offers and promotions. The main thing is to know when to stop not be too annoying. Anyhow, this is the reason to consider how to build a mobile app for your business.

There are also non-obvious things, such as:

4. Individual approach. The application can track the interests of a particular user and offer him only those products that may be entertaining and useful for him.

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5. Interactivity. Mobile applications are more technical. For example, with a help of augmented reality you can look at the product in 3D in its real size. Imagine you are choosing the curtains, you can try them on your window and see how they will look. After that, they will become your favorites and the probability of buying will increase at times! Retailers are strongly recommended to consider a mobile app for their business. For better understanding check out the true example: Six of the best home design apps

6. Intimacy. The smartphone is always close to the user, so it can be considered a very personal thing. User treats the apps on the phone more trustingly rather than websites, especially when they work smoothly.

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Main benefit from creating mobile applications

The application helps not only to sell but also to increase customer’s loyalty: one of the main tasks of mobile application is the automation of company’s processes. For example, thanks to mobile apps, such sphere as “taxi”, began to work much more efficiently by means of a mobile app for business networking. The application helps to improve effectiveness, reduce costs, and thus to increase profits.

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So, how to know whether your business needs a mobile app?

Of course, now we are observing a strong growth in the popularity of mobile applications, but how to know what benefit the app can give to our business? It is important not just to be “trendy” using an advanced tools of promotion, you must obtain the real profits. Business owners want to know whether to create a mobile application for the company, to develop an adaptive website or not to invest time and energy in such way of promotion developing a mobile app for a business directory.

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We offer our clients five simple criteria to help make the right choice:

  • If company doesn’t plan to actively use some of the smartphone’s features such as the accelerometer, GPS, user’s contacts or push-notification, you most likely don’t need a mobile application.
  • If company provides an active usage of smartphone’s features, it makes sense to create a mobile application. In case of a limited budget, it is best to focus on one mobile platform. We also explore a mobile market and show the customer which is the best platform to start with.
  • When you create an adaptive site, you need to devote much time to the analytical study of  the audience, to understand what devices most of the customers use. If you don’t pay enough attention to  it, the website may not display correctly on different devices. It is necessary to bear this in mind considering it instead of a mobile app for your business. The qualified IT-specialist will always help to choose, he will tell  about all the pitfalls and you will never get lost in a large volume of information.
  • No matter which tool you choose to promote, remember the main thing -  it should be made with high quality and cause a positive user experience.
  • After deciding to develop the business in mobile sphere, it is important to find a company who will be able to create a high-quality adaptive application or website with a modern design and with all the necessary technical specifications.

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Not every business needs a mobile app. The larger business is - the greater effect you will get from the implementation of mobile application.  Mobile application itself doesn’t solve the problem of customers’ shortage, but it allows to improve in several times what is already working.