Why retailers should have a mobile app for eCommerce

I can guess that running any business is not as easy task as it seems to for everyone. Someone has a knack for making money and it is a piece of cake but in most cases we are thinking of new methods that will help to boost our sales and increase loyalty of our clients, isn't it? There are a lot of useful books, inspiring conferences and movies which can be really helpful. A bright example is “Guerrilla Marketing: Easy and Inexpensive Strategies for Making Big Profits From Your Small Businesses”, by Jay Conrad Levinson — a small guide on business strategies. All these methods sometimes works and in case if you do not know other ways, today you can get into trouble.

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Nowadays, the loyalty of the customers becomes critically important as it can lead you to success or vice versa. Even if you are a small retailer, you own an Online shop or similar, I believe that something new should be embedded to improve your sales income. It turns out that eCommerce is considered to rise in all developing countries, including Ukraine. You may notice a stiff competition between retailers in order to go ahead with the help of special offers.

Coupon codes and discount vouchers are of great importance not only for clients but also for retailers, as it attracts potential clients. What can be better when you see the favorite product at a discount? Have you thought in what way to make it easy and enjoyable for users? Let's take “Amazon” as an example online retailer. It has managed to boost sales with the help of mobile application for the smartphones.

How does eCommerce app work for your sales

Millions of innovative offers are coming to the users through push notifications informing us of new and  favourite products. It's so comfortable sitting on the bus or being out of the office and see a message with the special offer. This is not the only advantage of mobile applications for retailers. There are also many new possibilities, including buying and selling, using mobile app right from our smartphones. In the last five years, we can see that internet usage of smartphones and tablets has immensely  increased. The stats clearly hints at the profitability of mobile apps for ecommerce sites.  


Mobile eCommerce app


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Mobile applications become very reasonable way, which can increase the number of customers and expand your business opportunities these days. In this fast-growing world with new information technologies, you are likely to succeed with mobile app for any business. Beginning from teenagers, smartphones are being used more often than laptops or desktop computers.

This explains the chances of more people purchasing products from these devices. I thinks that, retailers should take it into account and keep up with this new trend in order to boost sales. All of us use web-sites and someone has never tried connecting it with mobile application although each advanced ecommerce platform has already launched the relevant mobile app for the ecommerce website. What is so special about mobile app and how can it help retailers?

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Mobile app vs. website: what's better for your business?

First of all, you may notice that sometimes it can be a little bit tiresome to browse web-sites hoping to find something worth-trying. This is precisely the case when mobile application in general and ecommerce mobile app in particular wins significantly as opposed to website, because it is developed specifically for mobile devices.

It comes to us with beautiful design and optimized user interface that easily enables users to sell and buy needed goods. If mobile app appeals to the users, there are chances that these users will become permanent clients to your business. Bear in mind that if you plan to create a mobile application for your business, the most important peculiarity of successful sales with the help of app is  clean user interface,  that allows to realize all the process as quickly as possible.

Every year, a wide range of different offers and proposals are taking place and actually everyone has a chance to win really great presents. Unfortunately, we find out about these events when they are already over. Not always we have possibility to check our message box on the website. Special notifications that will be send through the application to your mobile device can help to avoid such unpleasant feeling. It’s not a secret that such offers are of great popularity for retailers because it may increase the number of customers.

As it lasts just a few hours, who can be the best to inform you unless a mobile device? Mobile application for eCommerce are considered to be the fastest way not only to sell or purchase, but even to communicate as it is very important. If you are going to buy some product, what do you want to know?

Probably, the best prices, the quality, the usability and capability of the product and many other vital things. If mobile app has a chat or possibility to communicate with other customers, you win definitely succeed. All shoppers are always happy to use their mobile apps for ecommerce because they can look through new items even while taking a warm bath!


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Browser vs App mobile time spend

Why is it so important to find an experienced mobile development team

If you find a really experienced mobile development team, you are likely to win. Developing a mobile application for eCommerce business is not a new task today and it is very easy. Main function of the app is to display different ranges of products meaning that users need to see the product catalog with current prices. Also, there is no limits for functionality of your mobile app. Together with development group you can think what you need the most.

Do you happen to know that it is very popular to create apps for business and almost all business do not want to be behind in United States, as their users spend about 15 hours a week looking for the best products from their smartphones. In order your app functions to be without any bugs, think of building Native Mobile Application for iOS/Android etc. It means that application should be written in native programming language. Android mobile app can be normally written in Java and iOS in Objective C or similar, but native as it will work faster and properly without loading lags.  

After fully understanding the main function of your business idea, it will be much easier to choose between creating mobile friendly web-site or ecommerce mobile application which usually depends on the target audience, products you sell and proposals you offer to the customers.


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Ecommerce web-site remains the most popular nowadays and some orders are also made through the mobile device but just several as it is not smartphone optimized. So, let’s think how many orders you can lose? Every app that is developed for eCommerce has a variety of useful features such as: barcodes which help you to search; comfortable navigation; really quick order through your mobile device. Once I tried to test a few mobile web-sites like Amazon and CDW. I must admit that it was not so pleasant as trying its mobile applications. I noticed that the apps were more elegant and offered more features than mobile website.


Go semi-native/web/hybrid/native

Like it or not the need of mobile application for eCommerce is rising within the years and if you want your business to be  in a win-win situation you have to think of new solutions to increase sales and profits. If your site is simple and static one, the best solution is responsive web design but in other cases when you have online store, the best solution is mobile app with useful features. If you should not think it will cost over the globe as you have ability to choose a provider that will meet your expectations.

Working at our IT company, I am sure that there is no technical barrier in the development any mobile application not to mention mobile app for ecommerce. The most obvious reason for that is: people started using more mobile devices more often than conventional computers and laptops.  Round-the-clock they are searching for new product to buy. Even now I am looking for a new camera from my smartphone while commuting to office!

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