How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App?

When time is changing in a fast pace with the beginning of new IT solutions and business models, you probably think about something that can help grow not only your personal development but also your own business. Probably the time to consider your mobile application development cost has come. Perhaps, you are still not a first-rate entrepreneur but chances are that you may become. Think positive!

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Mobile app ideas

Firstly, in business everything begins with the arrival of an idea. New ideas lead to new models which demand changes or creation of something better and completely lucrative for your business solutions. Where is the way out? Investing more money in huge projects, looking for partnership worldwide or just being on the lookout for somebody? Sure, these ways are possible and can help in some way but with small guarantee of future success.

There are lots of brilliant ideas to create something that can improve current situation especially with the help of  IT sphere these days. Thinking about the benefits of IT solutions, many of us choose developing mobile application in addition to the working website or just separate mobile application such as:  


  • Chat app / Dating app / Call app;
  • Travel and Taxi app;
  • Shopping app / Fashion app;
  • Social networking app / Business app;
  • Health and Fitness / medical app;
  • Video editing / playing / sharing app;
  • Playlist app / play song app;
  • Photo editing / managing app / Utility app.


All these application ideas depend on your business, needs and sometimes on your budget. No one wants to pay through the nose for application but everyone requires receiving from the chosen provider high-quality and profitable mobile application as long as to be informed beforehand about an app development cost. Is it real? Is it costly to implement nowadays?

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Indeema`s experience of mobile apps development and cost

While working as client partner at Indeema Software, I got thousands of questions like: “How much does it cost to develop an app”, “Could you provide best cost and time frames” or “We are looking for the lowest prices” etc. All of them ask me about time and cost for the development of mobile application. Sometimes, a client also needs a design created by our team of designers or they are eager to provide their own one. Then, we just review it and share our ideas.

It goes without saying that it will cost a bit of your savings but all these things depend on the provider you choose and time that you would like to spend on creation. You shouldn’t be afraid being charged with cost to develop an app and think it costs over the globe but consider for a while what will you have as the result of development. When you receive estimation of your project and see the cost provided by your potential provider, it seems to be overestimated.

Your next step will be probably to find provider with lower cost of developing an app and work with him. If you do this, you may get the knock later. In order to be afraid that it is rather costly  — consider all pros and cons from mobile application. It appears that today there are more chances to win with mobile ideas for your business developing an app.

Analytics estimate that 50% of business applications will be accessed via mobile devices over the next few years. We believe, it is just a plus for your company to gain a tremendous advantage in your income. Wherever you strive to improve your business models selecting a proper professionals to develop an app, you will always have to evolve and adapt to meet new challenges and opportunities.

To put it another way, you should understand whether there are chances to profit from your mobile application. If your app is able to produce ROI, it will be reasonable to invest into it considering all possible risks beforehand including cost to make an app. So, how to develop app for a reasonable price and get future income larger?

How much does a mobile app cost in case of outsourcing?Whether you work with local company or a remote team, using outsource process, you’d like to know which is the best and if it fits your budget. All companies have different rates, reputation and quality. With which one to cooperate is your task to choose.

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app development cost

How to outsource with a good price

To be perfectly honest, finding a reliable software partners is not an easy task. Almost all companies promise high-quality product without any bugs. If you are looking for the cheapest prices, you can work with freelancers from India or China.

Software development process

Their rates begin from 5 to 10 per hour. If they underestimate the project, be ready to fix bugs with other provider. You can just imagine what quality you will receive. Looking through Elance, Upwork and other online platforms, where you are likely to find rather good development team, you can see reputation and rates of every company and then to choose. Currently, experienced entrepreneurs choose IT industry in Eastern Europe like Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria with hourly rate $25-$50 to develop mobile apps. It is a happy medium in terms of costs.

The USA programmers and Australian teams require higher prices with rate of $50-$150 an hour for the same scope of work developing an app. I hope  the quality they provide is also first-class being similar to their cost of apps. Actually, it does not mean that you should work only with expensive providers. You have to spend time on a research and feedbacks of the company, in what way it can be helpful to you, whether there are all testing devices, good team which should include skilfull software engineers, designers, testers, project managers and so on. So, real cost for the app development consists of all these things.

Depending on the type of app, cost can differ as well. If you plan to develop complex project like social network, it can take from 600 hours and longer. Middle complexity projects like travel apps, booking or events app requires less time, from 400 hours and longer sometimes.

Working on simple application like  Emoji projects, photo editing app will take approximately 300-400 hours.  You should not expect app development company to tell you the price immediately because the development cost may vary somehow. Every project needs investigating and taking into account all important risks and factors. All depends on the project as there is never one price for different projects.

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The best way to eventually find out the cost of app development is to get several quotes with possible time frames of your project and then choose. After discussions with experienced teams, you may be lucky to meet your not only budget expectations but successful app development and deployment to Stores. It plays significant role to arrange a skype meeting with possible team as 80% of your success depends on the communication. Research has shown that with a mobile app, businesses can boost sales, retain loyal customers and also expand their reach. In any case, I wish you lucky software providers and reasonable costs.

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