4 steps how to increase the client's loyalty in restaurant business using a mobile application

4 steps how to increase the client's loyalty in restaurant business using a mobile application

“There are 7 billion people on Earth. 5.1 billion own a cell phone and 4.2 billion own a toothbrush.”

Nowadays 64 % of global phone time is spent on apps. Businesses need mobile apps. Smartphone usage is increasing every day. Mobile marketing play an important role in increasing profitability of your restaurant and the client’s loyalty as well. Phone books, coupon books or flyers are soon gone. Consumers use their smartphones to research and make restaurant choices every day.

About mobile marketing strategy

Let me ask you a question, what is your mobile marketing strategy? This is not a highly specialized question like how to design a mobile application in php or how is mobile application testing done. The issues belong to the developers expertise. The question about the strategy comes to how mobile application technology works in general. A successful marketing app strategy for your restaurant should include:

  • Support for Android/ iPhone/ iPad devices
  • A loyalty coupon system
  • Restaurant menu and specials
  • Mobile food/place ordering system

Also, it may help you not only to find the new customers, increase the client’s loyalty but to fill open tables, using your existing client base. Searching how mobile application connects databases is worthwhile in this case.  

Almost convinced of the idea of mobile app for your business? So, it is time to figure out where to start with mobile application development. Let’s go further…

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We offer you 4 ways for increasing the client’s loyalty and company’s revenue using the mobile application.

In-app Loyalty Offers

Discount in mobile app

The app can be designed to update its priority customers when items go on sale or offer discounts only for app users. Similar to email newsletters but in a more targeted way. This is the issue of a business owner to investigate where mobile application developers work, not the customers’ one. The app gives them the chance to participate in online surveys, fun games or offering some discounts for check-ins. And the customers are well informed where to download a mobile application.  

In its turn, Starbucks introduced a winning program, by which customers can use their phones to pay for their orders. They can also check their loyalty program account information in real-time on their phones. Additionally, the app delivers special promotions to users and locates stores. Initially, critics were skeptical about Starbucks’ new loyalty program because they thought that it was too complicated and difficult for baristas to promote at the register. However, Starbucks effectively trained their baristas to up-sell the loyalty program, and many customers hopped on board. Making membership in the loyalty program free certainly helped. That was not important at all for Starbucks where to learn mobile application development, because there are more that enough professional developers out there. 

Mobile app and client



Mobile orderingMobile Ordering

The following explains how mobile application can make money for business owners. Everybody values every minute, so wondering down the streets searching for the free place to hang out will be wasting of time. Ordering a place to dine in or even  food home with only one click will make your clients’ stomachs feel satisfied, attract new clients and increase loyalty of already existing client base.

LifeHacker has chosen Five Best Web-Based Food Delivery Services. We discovered, that 3 among 5 services have an app. Those are: Seamless, Campusfood and Eat24Hours. Such statistics shows a definite success of mobile apps among restaurants determining how mobile application management works.

Learn about your client's preferences

Being in the swim is one more important hint for entrepreneur of a restaurant business. Allowing customers to comment on the app of a restaurant in on-line “Complaints and suggestions book” about the service, impression, wishes or complaints, may show the confidence of restaurateur to the clients. The method shows how a mobile chat application works.

Mobile Push Notifications

You can send out messages to those that have your app regarding events, specials, menu novelties or discounts. Push notifications are a direct line to your customer base, and can be a powerful way to increase business. Besides, the notification layer can demonstrate how a mobile banking application works.

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Remember: to develop any business idea you have to be in a contact with customers and clients. Mobile application will help you to make it available, easy and profitably. Restaurant business, in particular, and mobile technologies as well, are developing fast and in parallel to each other, so make sure you have made them “relatives” and that will lead you to success.

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