Software development steps: 8 steps to create your ideal project

Software development steps: 8 steps to create your ideal project

It goes without saying that most of us always have lots of different bright ideas. It’s not just about your business models and technology, but also about everyday life, culture and workplace. Nowadays you are forced to change something in order to keep up with latest updates. Implementing new ideas especially in your business can rapidly increase your reputation and success in the labour market. Just remember your business meetings when someone told you :

“ Ohh, that’s a pretty good idea...such app would definitely help us to ease our work...let’s take the initiative, and together convert it into reality..”.

The most difficult issue that usually arises is how to move from idea to success and have not only happiness from it but also success and profit as well. When we come home exhausted, forgetting about everything and falling asleep on the couch. Now your plans are sleeping with you. It’s just one of the reasons. Another obstacles are lack of time and courage, no resources, no financial and moral support. So most our real stunning ideas remain dormant for a long time or forever. Am I right? If we are talking about web or mobile developments, you are lucky enough to undertake a project with the help of skillful professionals. Your task is to share your ideas with people who lives creating software. From their side we will embody your concept.


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For you to imagine how the system works, you shouldn't know all about development process but just main steps and its circle :


Step number 1

begins from your idea and requirements to the project. One day the smart plan occurs to your mind and you come to us to share it. The team together with business analyst, project managers, testers and designers depending on the project start thinking on the ways of creation and whether it can be converted into reality at all. From my personal experience as client partner at software development company I’m almost sure that there is no idea that can’t be implemented. So deep analysis and productive discussion will be helpful;


Step number 2

is creating technical description to your project after defining the goals and target audience so every feature and detail flows in the right way. As usual a project needs technical description that is a concise explanation. Bear in mind that it needs some time. Also you will need deep research and planning beforehand. Sometimes, clients ignore it but later fail with all functionality. It should also contain visual elements like sketches, screenshots, diagrams. A picture is really worth a thousand words. After it you are able to imagine how your idea can look in real world;


Step number 3

 leads them to the design for your application or website if all requirements above mentioned were successfully agreed. Learning from practice, plenty of customers prefer to provide their own design rather than giving this task to companies. In other cases a qualified designer from company always can propose his help. Even if you come with your ideas a piece of advice will never make things worse. On the contrary good consultation with designer will help you solve issues faster;


Step number 4

goes to the estimation process. After collecting information, deep analysis and ready-made design we start estimate: how many hours will your project take and how much it can cost you. Developers and project managers look through information and calculate how much time every part/screen/feature will takes. After that we add some time for risks (usually 10% of time) and also add some time for the testing (usually it takes 30%). Often it takes a few days to make it properly. During this period you can also change something or add new details as well as team of developers can ask you more detailed information;


Step number 5

is about building MVP that is a  minimum viable product having just those core features that allow the product to be deployed. There are different kinds of MVP depending on your business idea. Simple features that always are popular include user login, account profiles, and some sort of messaging options. Developing the MVP will help you to see how your application works in general and whether there is sense in creating the full version;


Step number 6

starts from full development on the project with all needed features, details and design for a program or application. Working with MVP developers add additional features and design. Now using your description you are aware on what stage of  development is your project;


Step number 7

includes testing and then launching to the Play Market or App Store. Testing plays important role in the development cycle as it helps to check how the system works and fix all bugs. If everything works properly, you are lucky to use it for your goals;


The final stage number 8

is for supporting the product after the release and from time to time depending on the client’s request or new ideas updating with new features. It is clear that if users appeal to your product, they will be happy to receive new updates. The team that are responsible for developing has to  maintain your product during all its life cycle.


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Anyway, that’s great if you have lot’s of ideas not only awesome ones but even ideas that seem to be unreal. I’m sure that your task on the initial stage is to find the right team and share with them your ideas. Don’t let it be dormant for a long time, make sure that everything can be implemented. There are professionals who know  the right steps how to bring it to life and then how to complete it successfully. Don’t be afraid to implement your dreams into real life because only after sharing with the right people can show you if your idea is needed for people or not. Your idea can be the best idea in the world but it costs nothing if it is not implemented. To innovate, we shouldn’t be afraid to fail. If you can’t figure out how something make real, there is still point inventing and going ahead. Think, act, implement. You are a lucky one, I know!