Why outsourcing will help your business?

Nowadays a lot of people worldwide have long discussions due to outsource process, its pros and cons in the area of business. Although, being a fundamental business solution and help for us, we are still afraid of trying this new approach. And this is really true. Just try to imagine that it might potentially save your money, time and resources helping you gain high quality results.

Probably, when you hear firstly the word “outsource” you think about how much it will cost and will it be the best fit for you. It definitely will be. Why? It shouldn’t be something new in recent years as we are familiar with similar process today. When for example you outsource workers to built your house or you employ plumbers/electricians to fix the system. So it is very very similar process but for now I guess you would like to use workers from outside the company to do the job. Among the reasons to outsource, companies undertake outsourcing for a variety of reasons depending upon their vision and purpose. Recently it has become a core component of day to day business strategies. In my view, you would really benefit from it as there are some  reasons you need to implement the outsourcing process:

  1. A lack of specific expertise. It goes without saying that you can’t be good at everything so the best decision is to look for a person with high command of skills you need for your project. In that way you will be sure in the correctness of execution of your task
  2. A wide range of people worldwide. It will help to choose the most suitable candidate from around the whole world to do your work. Perhaps you don’t want to hire employees from you country. Now if have many foreign connections, choose the one you would like to deal with the most of all.
  3. Spend less time and cost. Believe it or not, outsourcing can actually help to solve these issues. There is no need to hire  in-house support to train firstly that takes money and time and secondly your efforts. To solve it-just outsource   professionals  that can usually do the same task for less money.
  4. Flexibility of the process. With today’s global economy, companies need the ability to expand or downsize quickly. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible with today’s labor laws, as employee lawsuits are at an all-time high. By outsourcing, companies take that risk away, allowing businesses to adapt more quickly to rising or slowing demand.
  5. The more people, the more ideas. When placing a job or project on an online staffing platforms you have ability firstly to communicate with a lot of people, listen to their ideas and then to choose the right one for you. Doesn't it sound great?

Before outsourcing  identify your outsource needs, ask your partners about when this process does not work. In advance, from my experience I’d like to give a short advice on best reliable partners for it. If you are looking for prompt service and would like to save money  then your choice is India or China. Currently their services are one of the cheapest. Companies across the world are willing to cooperate with them because their culture is full of intelligent, efficient, and hard-working individuals.

A disadvantage can be from 6 to 12 hours of time difference depending if you are from Europe or America that makes it almost impossible to communicate. If you see that it is difficult to motivate  choosen developers and weeks and months go by with very little progress being made then it’s high time you stopped dealing with such a company. There is a lot of stuff produced in China nowadays and it’s a big IT centre which has over 1.3 billion consumers in its market. This country is a key player in the global outsourcing industry. Another good choice goes to Eastern Europe: like Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria etc. There are a wide variety of talented outsourcing specialists available. The IT industry in Eastern Europe is still very young. Twenty years ago it didn’t exist at all. As the result, the vast majority of developers are young, ambitious, mathematically-minded people. It gives you plenty of opportunity to find suitable candidates.

To sum it up, my opinion is that you should not be afraid of outsourcing as it does have many advantages for you. A successful, outsourcing strategy can provide benefits and cost-savings for your business — process improvements, expanded talent pools, cost containment, improved focus on core business. Perfect outsourcing strategy begins with clearly defined objectives and measurable goals. Now your task is to see the variety of choices for your business model and choose the most convenient and efficient for you. Don’t limit yourself and be a good investigator to try new approaches with the company or team of your dream!

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