The Importance of Automated Testing on Complex Projects

The Importance of Automated Testing on Complex Projects

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Reputation is the main currency in the business world. In other words, half a life you work for your reputation, then your reputation works for you. When it comes to software development it’s even more important. Your portfolio speaks louder than words. So, it has to be great.

There is nothing wrong in taking easy projects when you are new to this business. Most startups do exactly the same. They all try to deliver the best quality trying to avoid and minimize risks. For that reason, they are most likely to use manual testing for their projects.

It is true that manual testing can save costs being efficient. Many companies manage to complete the project without hiring an automation specialist. Still, large and complex projects are unthinkable without automated testing. These are the guarantee that the project will be delivered on time.

1. How automated testing speaks of your expertise

You have to forget those times when manual testing was enough and testing cycle could take months. Modern testers should be qualified programmers to move forward. They are expected to learn the latest frameworks of automatization and work with script technologies.

So, having automation specialist shows that you are far-seeing company, which stakes on professionals. Your stuff should be knowledgeable in automated testing tools. This knowledge will make you competitive in the IT industry.

To begin with, you should learn more about unit testing. These are automated tests written for program’s functional testing. You’ll have to learn how to create and test them.

Hint. When working with Android, try JUnit to create unit tests in this framework. To test what you’ve created you can use such frameworks as UIAutomation or UIAutomator depending on the operating system you use.

Also, get familiar with continuous integration (CI). As a rule, software development requires frequent integration of team members’ work. Integration will be tested automatically in course of regressive tests for fast bugs revealing. So, the main idea of CI is to find bugs quickly and coordinate the work of developers.   

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Hint. Mobile software development also gives you a wide variety of tools. Good idea is to try for your automated tests for iOS and Android apps. This test automation framework is the best for them. You will only have to check the results of the completed tests.

2. How automated testing makes you a pro

With automated testing, you can work on large projects and not to worry about the deadline. The most significant advantages of automated testing are speed and efficiency. Timely delivery is the characteristic that so many customers value.

Involving automation specialist enhances the testing process. Mastering automated testing, you advance in your field and simplify the product testing procedure. The number of test cases and test data decreases. Less manual testing hours means more time spent on other useful things.

Complex projects take you to the whole new level in professional terms. For complex projects, you need to cover at least 80 percent of the functional by autotests. Automated testing helps to automatize frequent but necessary tasks for maximal test coverage.  

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Automated tests stimulate technical mind development. Automated tests are the best fit for teamwork because each team member can see the result which are being published in the system automatically. It ensures better teamwork which in turn improves the product quality.


To conclude, automated testing is important for your career boost. While many companies rely on manual testing more, act differently. Hire automation specialists and become a pro. You will save time, get rid of bugs immediately and deliver even large projects on time.

Apart from that, you will grow as a professional. You will enhance your testing process, acquire larger test coverage and improve team coordination. Clearly, these benefits outweigh initial costs. So, give it a try today!

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Yevhen Fedoriuk

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