The highlights of iOS 9: features, details, availability

The highlights of iOS 9: features, details, availability

Apple presented its new mobile operating system IOS 9 on the Worldwide Developer Conference. Its key novelties are: higher productivity and improved “Search” function. Hard to say that design or functionality have got some serious changes. In general, it is improved version of iOS 8. Nevertheless, we tried to select some interesting basic moments of iOS 9.


Concerning  the “apple” tablets, the biggest innovation was, of course, multi-tasking. It manifests in three different ways:

Slide Over - allows you to run a second application in  additional window on top of the first, occupying ?  of the screen area. The useful option for a quick reply to a message, create a note, or view a tape on Twitter. After finishing the work in the second app, you immediately return to work with the first running program.

Slide Over

Split View - allows two applications that can interact with each other work simultaneously in each of these zones. For example, to drag a document from one application to another. Multitasking, however, is only supported on the iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and iPad Air 2. Moreover, it works fully only in the later.

Split View

“Picture in Picture” - reduces the window with the video and gives the opportunity to work with documents or surfing the Internet, while running a video.

It is important to say that “Picture in Picture” and “Slide Over” are available on the  iPad Pro, iPad Air or later, and iPad mini 2 or later, and Split View - on the iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini 4.

Picture in Picture Ipad

“Hey, Siri, what’s new?”

Siri will have 9 new interfaces on iOS 9. According to the Senior Vice President of software development at Apple - Craig Federighi, the requests will be recognized 40% more precisely now. Moreover, now Siri can divine the wishes of its user, still, it is more likely your habits’ memorizing. If you are listening to some music certain times per day, Siri will take it into account.

According to the release, all the innovations will not affect the security of personal data. Moreover, security account will also be strengthened.

Low power Mode

Optimization of the system initially was announced as one of the priority areas of work upon iOS 9. One of the aspects was the increase in working hours and reducing power consumption when performing a number of tasks. Finally  it was stated that in comparison with the previous version, iOS 9 works, in average,  an hour longer. This is achieved in various ways: for example, by light sensor and distance, iPhone knows when you put it face down and not allow the screen to turn on even if you receive a notification. Also,  in iOS 9 has appeared a Low Power Mode, which added an additional 3 hours of extra work, cutting off various functions of the smartphone: mail updating, turning off background updating applications and animated desktop wallpaper.

Low power Mode Iphone

By running the benchmarks it was revealed that in the Low Power Mode a reduction of the overall iPhone productivity occurs.


Apple representatives boasted about improved performance of your application “Maps”. The new “Public Transport” Mode can show the railway lines, subway routes, even lay a route using Siri. In addition, the mode is  multi-platform, so you can plan your trip on Mac, and hit the road with an iPhone or Apple Watch, which will show the route. The main drawback is the limited list of cities where the “Public Transport” has earned after the release of iOS 9: London, Mexico City, Toronto and several cities in the US and China.

Maps application

iCloud Drive

On iOS 9 an iCloud Drive cloud storage is now integrated directly with the system and allows you to quickly get an access to any file stored in the iCloud from the main screen of the smartphone or tablet.

iCloud drive\

The function of files sorting is updated. For easy search you can add tags to each file. You can directly organize files and view its content from the screen you are working with.


Another iOS 9 innovation is the “News” application - a kind of a Flipboard analogue. It makes the selection of articles and news based on the user’s preferences. The new way to display a text  with a special format for mobile devices was designed. Its materials will offer The New York Times, ESPN, Conde Nast publishing house and a few large media companies.

New application

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is gaining a support among credit card issuers and loyalty cards from different brands, prompting Apple to change the app Passbook for the Wallet. According to the company, the new name reflects the tendency of transition from a physical to a virtual wallet.

Apple pay on iphone

JCPenney and Kohl’s are going to be the first stores that support credit card payments via the Apple Pay. Dunkin Donuts, Walgreens and Panera Bread will support the introduction of loyalty cards through the Apple Pay.


The main update of the CarPlay in iOS 9 is a support for wireless connections. However, currently this option is available only in some cars and not in all systems, so in most cases user should manage with the wired Lightning.

Car manufacturers can integrate into CarPlay their own control mechanisms, thus control upon the different vehicles can be carried out via a standard CarPlay interface.

Economical installation

iOS 9 uses an internal memory much more efficient, which is extremely important for the owners of devices with 16GB of ROM. In particular, the phone storage of iOS 8 when updating iPhone 6 is approximately 4.58GB, while to upgrade to iOS 9 it requires only 1.3GB. For those devices whose memory is completely filled, Apple offers the new way to install iOS 9. Before this smartphone removes some applications to release the necessary phone storage, and after installing iOS 9 they are reseted from the app store.

“Smart” search

Search bar in iOS 9 now looks for the information on all available sources: the Internet, e-mails, contacts and even applications. Easier search for contacts will overlap when entering a name, automatically filtering out inappropriate.

Typing a request the system immediately starts to search through all available sources. In addition, for making simple arithmetic it is not necessary to open a special application - just use the “smart”search.

Availability of iOS 9

Iphone in hand

iOS 9  is now available for downloading to all devices, which have received an iOS 8 in the last year:

  • iPhone (4S, 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6 Plus);
  • iPad (2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2), iPad mini (1, 2, 3);
  • iPod touch 5th and 6th generations.

In addition, on iOS 9 the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will run, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro. The last one will debuts in November with an iOS 9.1.


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