New trend of image editing - iOS apps?

In recent decades, with the advent of different devices, information technology continues to make progress in various spheres of life. It's widely appreciated that IT industry makes a vital contribution to Ukrainian economy today, encouraging foreign entrepreneurs to sign business agreements with leading IT companies in Ukraine. The potential is so great these days, especially with the appearing of new devices that have useful functions with friendly interface. What are the functions I mean?


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It goes without saying, there are mobile devices that are capturing the world, what models I have in mind are - iPhone, BlackBerry, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 etc. and all of them are of great popularity. It appeals to us not only for their quality or beautiful design but also for capability of image processing, meaning image editing apps or native image editors. Guys, let's be honest who once did funny selfie! Just imagine you are looking for the best selfie to post in Facebook or Instagram and get thousands of likes, what will be your next step after taking a  fabulous photo?

Mobile phone selfie

Personally, I do not believe that after taking a photo, you will immediately post it to social medias, because I never do it that way. Firstly, I want to do something with this pic to be more attractive with the help of different image editors and its filters. That’s what is called image processing! With its help, you can apply a series of stunning effects to photos such as blending, modifying colors, a lot of filters (brightness, contrast, sepia etc) other images on top, and much more. What is an image? — It means a range of pixels and each one is assigned with a single specific color.

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Image editing apps: effects, filters, functions

Top-notch IT companies, specializing in mobile development are releasing new apps almost every day. Indeema Software is not an exception as we have good experience with iPhone apps for image editing along with sharing apps. FAT Friend  is one of the examples. If you feel sad or boring, there is a great chance to make fun of your best friend and immediately share ready-made pic with him. Actually, we can select many more iOS apps for photo editing from App store as they really make us happy because of its quality and great variety from cool cameras to photo editor tools. You can create beautiful pics by adding text, textures, grains, light leaks etc. Make your photos amazing with really cool tools.


 Image editing apps: effects, filters, functions

Image editing apps: effects, filters, functions


In general our experience with image processing regardless the available iPhone apps for photo editing includes:

Color adjustments is considered to be a powerful tool that is used to change the tone of the image. Also you can remove the tone which you do not like in your image. One of the element of color adjustments allows you to control the amount of green, red and blue and it is called color balance. There are:

  • ContrastFilter
  • SaturationFilter
  • SepiaFilter

Image processing is called the special way of converting the image into digital form and make some needed operations on it. You can do the following with this function:

  • TransformFilter
  • CropFilter
  • GaussianBlurFilter
  • CannyEdgeDetectionFilter

Blend with other images helps you to combine two or even more chosen images where it is normally used:

  • ColorBurnBlendFilter
  • AlphaBlendFilter

Visual effects is known as special effects where you can create different photos with the help of next filers:

  • PixellateFilter
  • ToonFilter
  • SmoothToonFilter


Let’s look at the the images with different filters:

images with different filters:


images with different filters:

images with different filters:images with different filters:

Any of these changes with image could be executed on mobile devices in run time, what means we can edit image before it appears on the display when we are shooting new photo. Video below demonstrates how it will look like:


Soon Indeema is going to release new mobile application that is called  EnVision with a good number of useful tools and great functionality. EnVision is developed by our team not just for artists and designers but for ordinary user who cares about image processing. It is believed that this app is so  unique and amazing because in this kind software developers have combined more than two iPhone apps for picture editing, where it will be so easy to use photo editor with a function like a pro in no time! Most importantly, there are functionalities of combining two or more photos, easily creating an Illustrator effec, creating a cool group shot combining the best parts of different pictures and much more! There are just few days left before releasing this cool iPhone app for image editing to the App Store.


Instagram filters is now the new Photoshop

Most modern smartphones have great cameras, so why do not take photos and make them look better than others? This question makes me remember one popular app that has gained popularity among young people. Sure, it is called Instagram. I never thought I would use it but my interest had won me two years ago. Now, I like it. For those, who are active social users, this app is the best choice nowadays. As a mobile sharing-photo app, available for Android and iOS platforms, it is considered to be also a social network. Instead of text messages, you provide photos and share it through other social networks. I suppose, everyone knows the system as it is rather simple.

Instagram gives us ability to change the photos you take with your phone by adding filtered layers that imitate the look of low-end film cameras. It allows people to exert their creativity by choosing which filter and effect fits a photo best. Sometimes, it is hard to communicate in words, the easier alternative is a photo especially when you are bumping up against Twitter character limitations. I believe you should try using this app, whatever feelings you have about Instagram as it is a new trend today.


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Time is changing. A few years ago useful information about photography, image processing, editing capability was much in demand only for artist, photographers who make their business on pictures and no more. This have changed greatly now as IT specialists mostly Web and Mobile designers have to know everything about these tricks working on the computer.  Upcoming trends influence the IT industry too. I believe that every self-respecting artist can not work successfully without knowledge of image processing that is of vital importance for them.

New photoshop


Innovations influence our lives and we want to be part of new trends that is connected with image editing as photography makes our life brighter and saves the most pleasant moments of our lives. It really makes sense when not just one designer creates magic but a group of three or four, as the more cool ideas, the higher quality product will be released. As a result, the more profit you are going to have. For sure, in case you feel a lack of funds today, start your project with one designer but remember that for really big tasks you are likely to fail with one person. To prove you that it’s not an idle talk, always bear in mind prosperous games where design played an essential role such as Shadowmatic, Metamorphabet, Robinhood etc according to Apple Design Awards 2015 .


On balance, I tend to believe that with the help of new information technologies, image processing will also change for the better because creating the beauty, we change the world. As current tendencies show, increasing number of new products are becoming internet-connected and smart design with image processing is highly important. Image editing apps for iOS platform often catch our attention with sharing functions that makes our friends immediately see new updates. This helps us to stay in touch with current challenges and share it with friends around the world. A beautifully edited photo, with some filters attracts our attention and makes everyone wanting to share it with the world. It is not only about simple photos from Instagram but using our advanced iOS apps for photo editing your business can improve its market position as well.


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