Our future lies with the messaging apps?

Users took to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat instantly. A paradox - an instant interest in instant messaging. Living in a rapidly changing world, we need to receive answers immediately; we expect to be able to reach everybody in a flash. On the other hand, we don’t want to worry about grammar, semantics, (not to mention punctuation!) considering just about what are the best free messaging apps. As a result, instant messaging has quickly grown in popularity (see Facebook´s Messenger and WhatsApp continue to dominate).   


WhatsApp messenger - the most popular around the world


Almost a billion people worldwide have chosen WhatsApp as their primary way of keeping in touch with their friends and family. It is a handy app for texting, sending photos and making video calls and is available both on your phone and your computer. Since it is ads free, you are charged $0,99/year beginning from the second year of use. Obviously WhatsApp intends to supplant SMS and, quite frankly, it has the  capacity to do so being one of the best text messaging apps. Besides, WhatsApp is one of the few encrypted messaging apps.


Facebook Messenger - fast and necessary

Facebook Messenger, as any other similar messaging app, is intended to offer original services to the users. However, free texting, group chats, photo and video sharing, free calls, etc. are common for other apps as well. Still, this app remains top messenger for over 700 million users taking the position of one of the most popular messaging apps.






Owing to the unique feature of the content disappearing after it’s been viewed, Snapchat has already won a wide acclaim. It is available for both iOS and Android users residing one of  the top messaging apps position. Over 60% of US teenagers and adults use the app daily and their number is constantly growing. It is a messaging app that captivates you by offering various lenses that distort or enhance your snap. It also allows you to create a story that will last for 24 hours. It enables you to make money transfer to the eligible people swiftly with the help of Snapcash. There are plenty of filters that add more information to your picture: geofilters, local time, weather, etc.



Case Study: Atom Vk

Atom Vk is a user-friendly messenger for Vkontakte that has got under 50000  downloads. It has got its original stickers developed to satisfy even the most fickle users. It allows you to communicate and browse other people’s profiles in an offline mode, whereas you are given some privacy that makes it one of the messaging apps that don’t need wifi. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to share your photos and location.

Atom Vk.png

The message is straightforward enough. To win more customers you need to be found on mobile apps. According to a recent Business Insider report, social networks are losing their appeal. Therefore, mobile apps, particularly messaging apps, appear to be a potential gold mine for businesses because, apart from their social purposes,they can be used to conduct business negotiations, make payments and money transfers, reach agreements, etc. It is important for business to be aware of what messaging apps use data of the customers. Meanwhile, the operation system is irrelevant because no one wonders what are the best messaging apps for iPhone or Android.

Businesses can considerably benefit from the messaging apps as, first of all, they help your product gain credibility. For example, you have visited a lovely cafe, took a photo of it, sent it to your friends with the caption that it is a worth visiting and the place immediately got a lot of attention. Secondly, it is a free powerful marketing tool - you reach your potential audience by sharing your experience with products or services. Thirdly, you can use these apps as an electronic wallet, say, your kid urgently needs some pocket money and you transfer it with one click. And finally, you can use them as your PA with the Wikipedia knowledge: where the best shops or hotels are, how far the bank is from your hotel, what wine you should buy as a souvenir, and so on.

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