Apps World 2016 Berlin

Apps World 2016 Berlin

Would you like to develop the product that will get millions downloads all over the world? Well, the news is the following. The latest products are neither complicated nor have mind-blowing functionality. Instead, they have user-friendly, intuitive design, and beautiful animation. We learned about it at Apps World 2016 conference in Berlin last month.

CityCube Berlin

The conference that lasted for two days had an intense program that could satisfy the most capricious guests. During the conference, its participants could choose among multiple panels, chats, case studies and keynotes. Our team was most interested in the topics related to gaming world, and multi-platform developer world.

These two days were highly productive to us in terms of learning. We got to know that:

  • Leading IT companies are moving forward the idea of creating the so-called Internet of Everything, where the software will take care of our needs and we don’t have to bother with some ordinary tasks machines can handle;
  • One of the main challenges of product development is keeping balance between the great product with some really useful features and a possibility to make money of it;
  • New ventures in IT field may be very risky. Not only in IT, but in the world in general, what appears as a niche, very soon becomes a mainstream. So the startup’s need to offer something really outstanding and unique to take their niche.

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Speech by David Shrink, AOL’s Digital Prophet, became one of the most memorable experiences to us. He was the one who said that if UX is of top-level, promotion doesn’t matter. We will remember it for sure!

Speech by David Shrink, AOL’s Digital Prophet

Our networking was also beneficial as Apps World 2016 invites IT specialists from all over the world. Indeed, communication with people from different countries provides a unique insight into different cultures. We were happy to meet professionals from Aol, Google, IKEA, Pinterest, Shazam, Twitter, Uber, Unilever, and Yandex.

Apps World Hackathon

For the developers who were eager for true development with foreign colleagues, Apps World Hackathon was held with the support of Anyone willing could participate - from designers and just people with some business ideas, on to full development teams.

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First, teams introduced the projects they want to work on and created the list of team-members missing. Projects could be written from scratch, or participants could continue developing something they had previously initiated.

There was no specific topic, no particular development platform, no requirements, nothing - everyone could turn his idea into life.

Apps world hackaton

Our Indeema team (Serhii and Oleksii, iOS developers) competed with the education app for kids to identify and match animals called Safari Champs. The team was completed with the German designer Rahul who created colorful UI and catching animal pictures.

Apps world Berlin

Within 10 hours, guys developed the project and took 2nd place among other international teams. Except of smart remote control cars and T-shirts from Dubsmash CEO, our team also received VIP pass to the next Apps World conference in October 2016 which will take place London, UK.

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To conclude, Apps World is priceless in terms of community and connectivity to hard - and software development world. It’s not only a great opportunity for startups to show their innovations, for developers to share their experience and businesspeople to find partners, but also for people hungry for IT to communicate with actual developers, testers, architects, business analytics etс.