Review of Mobile Trends Conference, Krakow, 17-19 February

The fifth Mobile Trends Conference (held at the International Trading-Conference Center Expo Krakow in Krakow, Poland) made a memorable event of this 2016 year. We spent three days there, and there is a lot to say about Polish hospitality, intense program and tasty food. But let us share everything step by step...


The conference was run by ClickMaster that managed to create a favorable impression on all of the conference members. They organized a well-coordinated information center ready to accept all challenges possible. One more initiative of the organizers deserves many praises. Special mobile application with the conference program was available for downloading during the event. This application contained not only the list of activities but also information about all the speakers present.


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The first day of the conference was the Business Day. The speakers had the presentations intended for both startupers and the business sharks. Krystian Kolondra, Senior Vice President of Products in Opera, opened the conference with the speech about mobile ecosystems. The Business day provided those present with an insight of the mobile development business in Poland. The majority of the speakers talked about the Polish reality. However, we could also grasp the idea of the Polish status in the international market.

Krystian Kolondra


The second day of the conference was the Inspiration Day, and we truly got this inspiration. First, the speakers talked about the future and the role of mobile applications in it. Among others, the presentation about 3d printers by Barbara Ostrowska was extremely interesting. Second, it was the best day for networking and great experience exchange with the colleagues from different companies. In fact, we discovered that most the locals comprised the most of the audience. Few people from the U.S., Australia and Ukraine represented foreign guests. Third, we saw the ceremony of Mobile Trends Awards. The best companies and institutions received statuettes in 16 categories. The example of such companies as TVN, Red Bull Polska, Raiffeisen Polbank Grupa, and Cyfrowy Polsat was more than motivating.


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RedBull Polska

The third day of the conference was the Development Day. The hallmark of that day was informative presentations in English. Karol Kalisz and Vitaliy Rudnytskiy delivered the most memorable speech about how mobile applications help in implementation of business demands in IoT. Other presentations revealed that Poland favored Android above Window Phone and iOS. Besides, we benefited a lot from useful tips about faster development of applications.

Discussion process

Apart from the intense content, We will remember this conference for a tasty food. In three days, we could try many items from the national Polish cuisine. As we had an opportunity to meet different IT specialists during the coffee breaks and dinners, it made our days unforgettable. Indeed, locals are interesting personalities with a great deal of IT experience.


Thanks to this conference, we acquired valuable knowledge about new technologies in mobile development, their advantages and disadvantages. For example, while cross platforms are rather affordable and have high speed, their drawback is poor performance. Therefore, even when they afford fast market entrance, it can be risky. We learned also about optimization of the development processes, mobile application security and dealing with piracy. Still, learning is an ongoing process. We are looking forward to the next conferences in here.

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