Monkey InvasionMonkey Invasion

In contrast to the Planet of the Apes movies where the monkey race is ambivalent in its behavior with regard to the humans, your adversary in the Monkey Invasion game is straightforwardly negative. The cruel and vile monkeys want to conquer the world. The beastly creatures are wicked fast when they throw mud at players. They get even faster every time you are trying to tap them. Players have to be always on their guard moving through levels where the ugly monkeys appear suddenly from nowhere to carry out their muddy attacks. Besides monkeys, some positive characters who should not be tapped by the players add more excitement to the scenes. The Monkey Invasion is a simple-to-play 2d game which is able to catch your entire attention at the same time.


Assigning us to the development of this game, our client revealed his childhood memories when he played a very exciting computer game. The game task was to catch creatures while the gameplay helped to work out the faster speed of reaction along with fine motor skills. That’s why the client wanted to get something similar but delivering more fun, nevertheless. The gameplay implied five scenes having five levels each. Thus, 25 levels of difficulty should constitute the whole scenario. In addition to the general idea of the game, the mechanics, animation, and various game characters required well-thought-out designing from us. Since the physical behavior of the game characters can hardly differ throughout the levels, the scenario implied some original means of the players’ engagement. That’s why it was crucial to invent some encouraging bonuses that could keep players excited when they move from level to level.     


We started from designing the game scenes. The general idea implied monkeys hiding on a stakeout in various locations. The forest, desert, garage and other landscapes should constitute the scenes to where a player arrives while playing. Once the gameplay architecture did not require complicated 3d graphic elements, we’ve chosen cocos2d. Finally, we have developed the following 5 game scenes:

- Table

- Savanna

- Zoo

- Jungle

- Moon


  • Characters

Besides the evil monkeys, several positive characters who pose no threat to the players should be present at each level. That’s why we have created  a rabbit, a zoo keeper, and kids (a boy and a girl) for four levels, along with an extraterrestrial intelligence who resides at the fifth level respectively.     

  • Purchases as game elements

In order to expand the players’ capabilities within the gameplay we have created some extra means of the player engagement. Among others, the in-game purchases are available there for the players in order to simplify their passing through difficult levels.  

  • Leaderboard

Since holding the players’ interest is never redundant, we created a leaderboard in the form of the tables where all players could be hierarchically displayed in accordance with their score ratings.  

  • Social networks

The important interactive socialization of the game is implemented via integrating such social media as Facebook and Twitter with the game. The players are able to share their achievements with the social communities therefore.


Indeema iReDS uses triaxial accelerometers (IDAx-132) to collect structured data about the condition of rotating mechanisms. Our digital sensors interact with Atmega32U4 microcontrollers that allows us making the sensors programmable. We can cofigure sensors to hold the configuration directly on them.


Each system can include up to 8 accelerometers. The box is designed on the basis of ARMy7 processor that allows to sort preliminary and analyze the data.


Indeema iReDS Main Server receives information from all rotating mechanisms through HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and saves this data in a DataBase*.

  • Forestall breakdowns early to avoid downtimes;
  • Figure out the location of each malfunction;
  • Plan and organize the work of services teams more efficiently;
  • Create a map of rotating mechanisms;
  • Analyze common patterns of the cycles and trends reflected by the customer’s mechanisms.
  • Normal operating equipment
  • Level of vibration
  • Allowance of continued mechanisms operation
  • Dangerous vibration level, which can lead to failure of mechanisms/
Project overview
  • Language: Objective-C
  • Game Engine: Cocos2d
  • Data Storage: Core Data, NSUserDefaults
  • Payment framework: StoreKit
  • Ads: RevMob SDK, AdMob SDK, Facebook SDK
  • Platform: iOS
  • Type: 2d game
  • Project Status: completed
  • Type of Service: design & development

We were impressed by the four-year cooperation with Indeema when they developed 2 iOS apps for us including Monkey. They know how to enter the US market offering us rates three times lower than local devs do. Indeema is always flexible with regard to our requirements having no arrogance at all. We appreciate their ability to follow our timelines as well as not to change a contact person during the whole period of our cooperation. We will continue working with Indeema since they are reliable partners and professional hard-workers.

Slav Bill, The USA

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