The contemporary education requires implementing complicated tasks from every student. What assistive tools can the digital technology offer students to make their learning process more efficient? The ALab mobile application enables users to manage all their assignments in such an effective manner when writing essays, making presentations, or even thesis defence are transformed into a positive education experience. The core idea of the ALab app implies collecting all the assignments of a student in a joint virtual environment where just few swipes are needed to specify a task, add learning materials and photos, set deadlines, and therefore arrange the entire learning process in the easiest way ever.


Our client assigned us to develop a mobile solution of the project for iOS. The main idea implied a minimalistic design in order to provide users with the easy-to-use functionality which does  not require time to comprehend. The following features can describe the general requirements to the application:

  • Simple intuitive interface

The perfect usability of the app interface should provide users with a zero-time-consuming mastering of the application. The whole process of adding homeworks takes a student just a couple of taps when the necessary sequence of actions is intuitive for an average mobile user.

  • Simple attachment of information

The fast and simple method of attaching various files should  provide students with an ability to add photos and various learning materials to a particular assignment as well as to set a deadline of its execution.

  • Easily Accessible Communication

The communicative capabilities of the application allow users to reach either an online support service or a particular executor of an assignment in a quick and easy manner with just one left swipe.  

  • Login & Registration

The feature enables users with various possibilities to log in via either search engines or Facebook

  • Creating Tasks

The simple process of creating tasks implies filling in a few-line field along with adding the necessary files with relevant information

  • Assigning Orders

After a task is created, an easy ordering of the assignment execution should be proceeded. At such a stage, the users should add more detailed info with regard to a particular task such as the required level of educational facilities, the number of pages an assignment should consist of, what academic subjects are implied (Math, Philosophy) etc.

  • Payment

The executed tasks are paid via PayPal.

  • Communication | Messaging

The communicative feature of the app provides users with a convenient messaging with the executors. In addition, every user can apply this feature to contact a customer support service if the need arises.  


Indeema iReDS uses triaxial accelerometers (IDAx-132) to collect structured data about the condition of rotating mechanisms. Our digital sensors interact with Atmega32U4 microcontrollers that allows us making the sensors programmable. We can cofigure sensors to hold the configuration directly on them.


Each system can include up to 8 accelerometers. The box is designed on the basis of ARMy7 processor that allows to sort preliminary and analyze the data.


Indeema iReDS Main Server receives information from all rotating mechanisms through HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) and saves this data in a DataBase*.

  • Forestall breakdowns early to avoid downtimes;
  • Figure out the location of each malfunction;
  • Plan and organize the work of services teams more efficiently;
  • Create a map of rotating mechanisms;
  • Analyze common patterns of the cycles and trends reflected by the customer’s mechanisms.
  • Normal operating equipment
  • Level of vibration
  • Allowance of continued mechanisms operation
  • Dangerous vibration level, which can lead to failure of mechanisms/
Project overview
  • Language: Objective-C
  • Data Storage: Core Data, NSUserDefaults
  • Communication with DataBase: MagicalRecord
  • Network request: Afnetworking
  • Image caching: SDWebImage
  • Payment framework: PayPalPayment
  • Platform: iOS
  • Type: business
  • Project Status: completed
  • Type of Service: design & development

Indeema was the only outsourcer who grasped our task completely at once in terms of the minimalistic design and rich functionality we required. It was easy to communicate with Indeema at every stage of the app development because of the Western mentality they posses. We were completely satisfied with the full range of the high-quality services Indeema provided.

Alab team

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