Why you should never outsource to Ukraine?

Today outsourcing is something you are likely to try sooner or later. What are your options when searching a reliable outsourcing company? You can turn to the world known centers of outsourcing like India or China. After all, you have freedom of choice and you can do it any way you wish. Meanwhile, be attentive. For God’s sake never turn to Ukrainian outsourcing companies. Below you will find out why.

Ukrainians cooperate with large companies

Choosing Ukraine as an outsourcing center will put you in one line with many international companies. Nobody forces you to follow the example of such great corporations as eBay, IKEA, Microsoft, MTV, Nokia, and Skype. Can such business monsters dictate you with whom to work? Absolutely not! Why keep to the beaten track of successful businesses if you want to find your own way? Be original and do not outsource to Ukraine.

They are annoyingly clever

Do not try to outsource to the nation of lucky cheats who occasionally happen to be highly educated in math science and technology. It is a mere coincidence that Ukraine has the Soviet Union educational legacy and manages to benefit from it. To top it all, Ukraine belongs to those Eastern Europe countries that have the leading positions in programming and web development. According to Bloomberg report, in 2013, 16 out of the 24 finalists of Google’s annual Code Jam programming competition were from Central and Eastern Europe. Thus, what you should never outsource to Ukraine is software and web development. Certainly, you can find as clever guys in the Silicon Valley. Be sure, they will do their job perfectly… at your expense. Meanwhile, Ukrainians requires less money for the same amount and content of work. It looks more than suspicious. So, think before outsourcing to Ukraine. Do you really need clever geeks for ridiculous amount of money?

Stubborn in their vision of quality

Outsourcing to Ukraine is boring in terms of quality. Why outsource to someone with timely deliver and unchangeable quality? Better turn to Indian companies that have a talent for working hard and producing little. Time frames are rather vague in Indian understanding so you can never know when you receive your product. So far, who needs stability in the modern world? You are certainly about innovations and surprising development of your business. If you are addicted to adrenaline and unpredictable cooperation outcomes never outsource to Ukraine. You simply won’t find it here. That’s why you should consider other options than outsourcing to Ukraine.

Ukrainians are dangerously alike  

You should better not outsource to Ukraine if you like cultural challenges. Why waste time on concise negotiations in plain English language? It’s too simple. What can be more boring than speaking to a person who speaks with the slightest accent when nothing hinders your comprehension? The vast majority of Ukrainian schools have English in their curriculum. To make it even worse, many of them provide their students with deep studying of English. Besides, Ukrainians share Western understanding of business culture and combine it with flexibility to changing business needs. Hardly ever you will require all that. Challenging environment is what you need and can get from Hindu and Chinese outsourcers.

So, the choice is up to you. You can be unique and original and never outsource to any place. All the same, there are at least four reasons why you should never outsource to Ukraine. Ukrainians are brave to take challenges from large companies. Besides, they are too clever, too obsessed with quality and timely delivery and too familiar in a cultural sense. Choosing Ukrainian outsourcing providers for web development you run the risk of getting exactly the product you order.  Keep it in mind when resolving on outsourcing to benefit your business.

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