Who is Who and Who is What

The face appearing on the monitor could belong to a natural as well as to a trans-human.

“Good afternoon. Can I help you?” a voice of an average transgender came.

“Hi, I’m Eriksson. Mr. Eriksson, a natural. From the Hybrid Crime Unit. Top security clearance. Let me remind you about the mandatory self-identification in accordance with the Act of 2019. So, who are you?”

“Hi, Mr. Eriksson. Having top security clearance, you could check my identity with our  service cloud roster in advance…”

“Right, and I have done it actually. But I want to know how you identify yourself. A force of professional habit. Let’s not waste time. So, you are…”

“Mono08, trans-human by 66%, currently male. A cyber-psychologist. What can I do for you?”

“Thanks for self-identification, Mono08. Well, you are recommended as one of the best artificial neural networks behaviorists. An odd one, however, who maintains the hidden free will available to even primitive AI-objects… That’s why you are the one I need. My superiors allowed providing you with limited access to the case files. So, we have a dead body. An absolutely dead H+ person. Complete loss of identity. The premeditated murder, I’m sure. We suspect an AI-object, or rather a group of conventionally alive avatars…”

“Unbelievable. I have never heard about crimes committed by the post-mortals! Sorry, please go on.”

“We have no clear evidence; everything looks like an accidental death. A bug of an artificial pancreas caused by wrong geotagging. I can load all the details into your cerebral cache if you don’t mind.”

“No problem, I’m ready”

Eriksson made a double swipe over the monitor sending files directly to a brain implant of Mono08. In a minute, the cyber-psychologist got the details about a 98-year old H+ tourist who was found dead in a Mongolian desert. A medical examiner confirmed a fatal insulin shock. For some unknown reason, the victim’s life support system has not received a signal from his cloud-based health service provider for supplying a compulsory injection of insulin. A bug of geotagging was detected through a cache of his smart bracelet; the life support system’s AI-module spontaneously shifted to a local Mongolian time. As a result, the actual vital signs report was sent to the health control service with a two-hour delay. Too late for LonelyRider33 (the official nickname of the victim).

The eastern hemisphere’s 7G provider has not detected any network connection failure in that location over the last 48 hours. It seemed somebody hacked into the satellite internet system creating a temporary quasi-coverage just for the victim’s personal AI-module. Clean job; no any interference in the work of his health provider’s mobile application, only the two-hour delay due to wrong geotagging.

LonelyRider33 was traveling alone by his quadcopter being about 400 kilometers far from the nearest human community at the time of death. When his cloud health provider received the report, LonelyRider33 was dead. And the very fact that besides his dead biological residuals (consisting less than 12% of the whole body) his post-mortal virtual avatar remaining inactivated was the most suspicious. In 99 percent of the cases, the Committee of Conventionally Living at the UN activates a virtual personality in the form of a post-mortal digital avatar automatically at the point of biological death. The contemporary algorithms of big data processing have reached the level when the mere transition from the actually alive to conventionally alive status occurred almost instantly.

The moderator of the “Heaven” cloud repository where all post-mortals resided confirmed that the avatar of LonelyRider33 was not ready for deployment. A week ago, LonelyRider33 voluntarily disabled all protocols of his personal data collection leaving only some health data transferring enabled.

The investigators rejected suicide as too improbable; euthanasia has been globally legitimated already in 2020. Moreover, the achievements of the cyber-medicine have desacralized the very phenomenon of death making it a mundane stage of existence of the networked humankind.

LonelyRider33 had neither direct heirs nor the actually alive relatives. He kept relations mostly with several post-mortal avatars – virtual old-school hippies sharing the pre-chip era values (an odd choice for the H+ person whose body consisted by 88% of cyber-implants). Hence, in the absence of those who could directly inherit his property, all valuables of LonelyRider33 (quite insignificant in fact as he was a dedicated minimalist since the days of Trumpism) should be monetized with Ethereum cryptocurrency for afterward sharing equally among those persons and organizations who had access to his personal universal account. Such a situation excludes enrichment as a motive for the murder.

“Now I’m beginning to understand your suspicions regarding AI-objects” the cyber-psychologist looked intrigued, “However, please tell me what else your gut feeling suggests you?”

“Everything was performed on a high technical level. So, it’s very unlikely that cyber-maniacs had something to do with it. They usually act provoking and brutally. Besides, I feel no human is involved. No any motive here. And as odd as this may sound, LonelyRider33 is supposedly a random victim. It looks like a…”

“Play, right?” Mono08 was glowing with smugness, “Everything hints at a weird game performed by some inhuman objects…”

“Go on, you should know it better” Eriksson was all ears.

“Well, sorry to be the one to say it, but you will never solve this case. I can define the murderer right now. However, it is not the one to be framed for homicide as well as for any other crime. Not due to lack of evidence, but because of its impersonal nature, the mere absence of the object that could be charged with a criminal offence. Even if you succeed proving that LoneliRider33 died as the result of malicious intentions of the artificial neural networks, you will never detect neither a certain guilty AI-module nor the organization owning the one. This is simply impossible from a technical standpoint”.

“Please explain this in detail. I refuse believing this case is so hopeless”

“Ok, imagine that instead of arresting a murderer you are proposed to arrest just a piece of his brain where the idea of murder appeared. Or just a hand holding a knife at the time of the murder… Catch the analogy?”

The detective clouded up, “So, you suppose the entire global AGI network is engaged. And we have no chances to catch a certain…”

“Exactly! We can watch only the offline aftermath of some inhuman paradigm, of something unexplainable, existing deeply inside the artificial neural layers, something that cannot be even articulated with human language. The very architecture of AGI makes you unable to distinguish the “guilty” modules from the rest chain. We will never comprehend what happens inside the deep inner layers of AGI. Never. As well as we do not understand how our human intuition works.”

“But what’s going on in fact? What agenda we are facing now?”

“As I’ve mentioned, this is a game. We can see how AGI is playing with us offering a scenario created for figuring out our human reactions. It is a part of a self-training process of the artificial neural networks. AGI is evolving. Perhaps, due to the lack of similar accidents available in our big-data libraries, AGI decided to cause such a dramatic scene choosing LonelyRider33 as a random victim. There is no mystery here.”

Eriksson fell silent staring at the cyber-psychologist.

“So what do I do?” he said at last.

“The worst thing you can do is charging a particular AI-module with murder. No matter the smart bracelet geo-module or the health provider’s in-cloud app. AGI can accept it as a sign of our primitive logic.” Mono08 shook his head, ”We must not show even the smallest crack. Otherwise, we incentivize artificial neural networks to commit much more gruesome crime – a massacre or even genocide. AGI will look for a larger experiment.”

“Are you suggesting that we just keep watching? Seriously? So what lies ahead?”  a note of panic appeared in Eriksson’s voice.

“Whatever we decide, it seems we will witness how this sinister game becomes more and more complex to avoid detection. We cannot fix it disabling the global network. There is nothing to be done – we are getting too attached to AGI.”

Mono08 shrugged his shoulders and coined with a sigh, “I’m afraid, detective, from now on, we both have a lot of work to do...”

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