Who are the good and bad outsourcing providers?

Some of them indeed are reliable and client-oriented. However, a part of them do invest more money in the first Google page, than in a good IT-specialist or developing your software system. How to be sure in the IT outsourcing partner you find?

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Below shared are some of the qualities that you should look for when you hire an outsourcing company. There might be some qualities that you would personally prefer when you’re doing the hiring, but basically, these qualities would make for a great company to work with.


  • Experienced Workers
    Avoid companies that advertise cheaper labor, or those that allow newbies in their ranks. You can even have a little pilot project with the certain outsourcing agency, if you feel that they are a good fit. And in case the outsourcing providers confirmed your expectations, you are good to go with the full project.

  • Partnership
    A company that shares your common goals and values seems able to provide good outsourcing. In which, performance is the key point among staff, the community and the managing company.

  • Full  Disclosure
    The company has to be completely transparent towards the client. The client has to be completely aware of the company’s workflow. Even if the work in the office is in the full swing, the client might not know about it. That is when a good project management tool will come in handy and exactly what bad outsourcing providers miserably neglect.

  • Everlasting quality improvement
    Your outsourcing provider should always want take things to the next level and raise the bar higher for every goal that is achieved; this enables you to get closer and closer to perfection. The very perfection able to exclude you from the list of outsourcing failure examples.

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Nowadays companies are increasingly turning to outsourcing as a way to save money. However, while the upfront costs of outsourcing may be cheaper than using in-house labor, quality often suffers. This can cause angry customers, decreased repeat business and a reputation for low quality. When companies outsources to other countries, the consequences can be even worse while the idea what is outsourcing service provider seems blurred.

Below we’ve decided to share with you some of the qualities which are supposed to give you the red light when searching for the right outsourcing provider:

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Language Barriers with outsourcing partner

When companies outsource to another country, language barriers can prove problematic, particularly when companies outsource customer service. Customers may have difficulty communicating their needs to customer service representatives who are not native speakers. This can result in lower customer satisfaction, poor customer service and a loss of business. The good outsourcing companies are always communication savvy.

Poorly Made Products

One of the reasons that outsourced products are cheaper is that foreign companies often prioritize quantity over quality. Workers may have to produce shocking numbers of products in just an hour or day. This can cause quality to suffer immensely.

Think you have found the right partner? Well, now it is time to check references. In the process of choosing an outsourcing provider seek out companies who have been working with your prospective outsourcing vendor for several years.

Tips to check your new outsourcing partner

The following are some tips on choosing the right outsourcing partner. These tips can help you ensure that you find the best offshore partner for your business.

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  • Check for proven track records
    Find out more about the experience of your outsource partner, the different kinds of customers that they have provided services for and the number of projects that they have completed. Find out if your offshore partner has experience in delivering the required services at the scale of your business needs. While selecting an outsourcing provider this can help you analyze if the particular company is best suited for your business.

  • Ask for references
    Before finalizing on an outsource partner ask for references from your offshore partner. Check the outsourcing projects the provider has successfully deployed. From references you can find out more about the quality of service, timely deliveries and customer support services. Talking to the customers of your outsourcing provider can give you firsthand information about whether the outsourcing relationship between you and the selected outsourcing partner would work.
  • Communicate with your outsourcing partner
    Ensure that the outsource partner that you choose speaks your language. Finding an outsource partner who can understand your language and communicate with you efficiently can help you understand their business objectives. Good communication can assure you about the outsourcing relationship. Being able to prove it an outsourcing provider has a chance to become your partner. Before stepping into outsourcing, ensure that your outsourcing partner is accessible on a 24x7x365 days basis on instant messenger, phone and email amongst others. This way you will be able to constantly communicate with your partner.

And remember, before choosing an outsource partner, ask some of the following questions (or all of them) . Does the selected partner have experience in the particular service that you want to outsource? Has your selected outsourcing service provider been able to provide quality services to other companies like yours? Does your chosen business partner use the best in technology, software and infrastructure? Does your outsourcing provider have experienced trained and qualified professionals that can efficiently handle your projects? Asking yourself some of these questions can help you choose the right outsourcing partner.

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