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Some iOS 10’s Features Hinting at Further Development

Recently proliferated reviews of iOS 10 available in the Internet speak for rather predictable success of both iOS 10 and iPhone 7.  20% of worldwide Apple adherents upgraded their OS within 48 hours just after the official release. Impressive.  The respectable IT bloggers along with self-styled experts have already chewed all over superpower iMessages and prettified lock screen widgets setting us apart the observation of the most obvious changes in the new firmware. However, by now Viber fully-featured calling is worth to be mentioned peculiarly. Respect.  

The present digging deeper into several hinting-at-development features of iOS10 aims to drive third-party developers uncovering the world-changing innovations along with sweet nothings, potentially baked inside the system.

Little Things Matter

The available little pleasant things include the Magnifier feature of iOS 10, which provides iPhone 7’s camera zooming in on objects. Let us leave the usability of the feature to users. Of course, human visual sense declines with age, and the Magnifier can be of service to the elderly. Besides, professional entomologists could appreciate the feature to probe small insects microscopically. Why not?

Nevertheless, such zooming belongs rather to the improvements of device than OS. It is excited to see another off-line applicable feature among so seldom occurring ones, dedicated to the real world. Along with by now adjustable flashlight, the Magnifier covers the almost entire scope of features usable not in the cyberspace, but in the physical reality. Unless nuts cracking with a supertough body of iPhone 7…

Siri Keeps Getting Closer

Turning to iOS 10 features, the first noteworthy one is the advanced Siri, invested by Apple with new Artificial Intelligence abilities. Today Siri becomes more open for third-party apps via SiriKit. The third-party developers are welcome to train Siri’s overall intelligence! Being a fascinating subject itself (and even a guilty pleasure somehow) playing with Siri is a cornucopia of further integration.

Siri-integrated Web Surfing for E-commerce

Just for fun, you can ask Siri to find some particular objects scanning your photo library. Even though floundering with faces (by the way, another great opportunity for apps developers to improve Siri’s ability recognizing human faces regardless the race, gender, and age!) it comes through the most of objects from mountains to dogs.  But then searching a certain object in the Internet with Siri might be more than just a game. The third-party money transfer apps have been already offered for downloading. Sync them with Siri’s web surfing and the advanced AI-based e-commerce shopping will come into reality. “Find a black genuine leather wallet and buy it cheaper $200” – and everything else takes care of itself. However, the complexity of designated missions along with the achieved results will depend mostly on the app’s designation itself.

Humanize Them All

Elaborating upon Siri’s humanization, upcoming apps can enhance the emotional component of communication with a device. With the new iOS 10’s telephone, Siri can announce names of calling persons. Make Siri imitate celebrities! The old dodge, time-proved with speech-supported GPS travel guides possessed a particular audience. At least among truck drivers. Surely, a long list of iPhone users might be amazed with, for example, Donald Trump mumbling “Hilary calling…” in the earphones. Emotions, more human emotions!

Joining Artificial Intelligence Evolution

Responding the “good night” phrase, Siri can lock a house’s doors, turn off the light, and shut down TV with the “Home Manager” app which is the most far-reaching project of Apple. The guys from Cupertino premeditatedly refused participation in “AI alliance” with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Kindle and IBM. Developing its own management system for smart home appliances Apple intends to stick firmly iPhone users to iOS and the ecosystem. Siri-integrated apps with ability to control household robots or pizza-delivering drones seem around the corner. However, even today the “Store Manager”, “Stockhouse Manager” or “Office Manager” Siri-integrated applications could be in a certain demand of small and middle-size business owners.

Transcending Apps Specifications

The boundaries-blurring cross-functionality of apps is a new trend evidently present in the released iOS 10. Handwriting and music tracks’ playing in Messages, finger-made doodles on Photos, making reservations and hiring a taxi with Maps all invite third-party apps developers to follow the trend. Dynamic visuals and “invisible inks” push apps’ devs diving into the vast ocean of opportunities. Emotions again! The cross-applicable emotional additives belong to those pretty nothings that drive developers’ creativity satisfying the unlimited human empathy.

iMessages-as-a-Social Network

Apple insist on their messenger being the most operated application nowadays. Cross-app functions of sharing app-specific content make iMessages much, much more than just a messenger. This is where the great opportunities lie as for Apple to gain the immense authority, as for third-party apps developers from the revenue standpoint. iOS 10 forces iMessages to reach the socialization level of Facebooks, WhatsApp, or Snapchat with the ability of its whatever-possible sharing. Proliferating variety of emoji, stickers, different dynamic visuals, music, and other app-specific content are foreseeable. The third-party apps developers worth to join the trend adding their “2 cents” to the present iMessages-as-a-Social Network transformation. Participation is always better than just watching how this will evolve.

iOS 10 as a Call-to-Action Challenge

Today we are only glimpsing on some promising opportunities of iOS 10’s features that might benefit not only individuals but also society and business while further developed. Being spur-on-the-moment by far, the present review focuses on inspirational and motivational aspects of the third-party apps development. Working over improvement of the trustworthiness and reliability of our iOS applications, we expect our standpoints resonate with the other third-party developers’ opinion. Fellows, feel free to drop us a line in the comments!     

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