Understanding our iOS development course

Convinced about the importance of up-to-date knowledge and technical skills, Indeema decided to act in unison with other software companies and launched its own iOS development course. To clearer understand our iOS development, it was introduced as a part of the PLLUG’s curriculum in the autumn of 2014.

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Who can attend the course? What entry requirements does an applicant need to satisfy? What are the fees? Given that you set out to become an iOS developer and are prepared to commit your time to learning and practicing, we offer you this course for free albeit on one condition – you must be enthusiastic about it. What is more, we will deliver a series of free lectures from our iOS development course.

Basic information about our iOS development course

The lectures are held weekly in room 219 at the Electronics department of  Ivan Franko University of Lviv. In order to participate you only need to arrive on time. Check out pllug.org.ua to discover the upcoming events. Alternatively you can refer to our Facebook page or subscribe by emailing at info@pllug.org.ua. The course consists of 13 lectures with the optional home assignments. Upon completing the theoretical part of the syllabus, you are expected to do a capstone project within 29 days. The lectors will be supervising and mentoring you during the whole period of studying clearly realizing that this is an iOS development course for beginners. The most successful students get a placement at Indeema.

IOS development course

The speakers are skillful developers eager to share their first-hand experience with the students. They present the information in an engaging way and hopefully, this will have a profound effect on their audience. Their lectures in pdf will be available on our website so that you can work with them at your convenience and always stay on track. This is a common practice of iOS development courses in Ukraine.

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Why you should attend Indeema iOS development course

The course concentrates mainly on Objective-C and covers programming fundamentals, data types in Objective-C, Xcode, UI components, UIView elements, animation, data storage, memory management, multithreading, networking.

In particular, you will learn about the primitive and structured types of data, basic syntax, operators, functions, conditions, loops and much more. We will make the analysis of the Objective-C syntax as opposed to the C programming language. Then you will be introduced to OOP, Objective-C classes, objects, pointers, protocols, properties and categories. We will teach you how to use Git and explain coding standards and commenting rules. Moreover, you will acquire knowledge of the UI components like MVC, UIVIewController, Navigation Controllers, etc. We will explore animation, gesture recognizers and alerts. We will also show you how to store data for further use. Moreover, we will explain the specifics of the memory and point out the potential pitfalls to you. One lecture will be devoted to the work with the network, namely REST and SOAP protocols and response parsing. Finally, we will delve into threads, operations and blocks.   
Indeema IOS course

We hope this knowledge will suffice you to get your foot in the door of the company. Why not enroll and take this wonderful opportunity? All it will cost you is your time and enthusiasm whereas this iOS development course is free. We hope it will give you the opportunity to make a good career.

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