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Ukrainian Hi-Tech Initiative’s research shows the leading opportunities of Ukraine’s software development and new IT trends that provide successful software companies. Today Ukrainian IT outsourcing industry shows stable growth delivering outstanding products to the customers. According to the recent research, our specialists are making progress in this sphere, so now we are lucky to cooperate with clients all over the world. A dedicated team is the first step in your future projects!

Cooperating with first-class IT specialists, Ukraine appeals to foreign investors more and more, arranging a deal with customers all over the world. When offering top-quality service, the clients are eager to work with Ukraine.

What do you know about Ukraine? Knowing about our famous footballer Andriy Shevchenko or Chernobyl disaster may not be enough for your personal development at the present time. Perhaps, there is still someone who doesn’t know anything about it? Then, it’s high time you investigate Ukraine and it’s other challenging sides one more time or completely in a new way. I am convinced that a lot of people around the world and almost all foreigners who come — know this charming country for its natural resources, world most popular Christmas song – “Carol of the Bells”, its national traditions and many more. What about it’s IT industry, do you know that it makes progress every year more and more? Yes, I mean it.

I am referring to the IT industry as one of the most successful parts of the National economy along with other advanced segments of Ukrainian outsourcing industry. Being visited by world’s entrepreneurs, it gives stunning opportunities not only to those who runs business there but also to ones who deal with most famous and successful outsourcing companies which are able to help increase your business models and give life to your ideas. More than 50,000 international investors choose the Ukrainian IT firms. Exploring Ukrainian outsourcing industry each foreign business person will definitely find a reliable local partner.  


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So, what are the main striking reasons of such interest to this country and its software development? Let’s look at all possible sides of IT solutions in Ukraine and its advantages for foreign investors. Why Ukraine?

IT in Ukraine

Unlike other industries that are not so active, Ukraine’s IT sector managed to largely increase through last 5 years and showed real changes for worldwide market. As more and more people visit it every year, it becomes also attractive due to rapid increase in information technology. Currently, we can find there more than 500 outsourcing companies, near 100 research and development centers, over 100 e-commerce companies and more than 3000 startups. Outsourcing to Ukraine, the technology development businesses are to gain certain profits from the local IT proficiency.

  • Highly skilled and creative teams.

While Ukraine offers highly skilled specialists with years of experience, foreign clients are likely to award them pretty big projects as they are sure that it will be completed successfully. We can speak proudly about skilled developers and their teams as in Ukraine there are Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, numerous scientific and technological institutes, technical universities and R&D companies which help convert young student to really skilled senior IT specialist. IT disciplines are learned not only in our universities which give deep technical education but also on special computer courses that are offered by almost all  IT companies with their advanced research and development departments all over Ukraine.

As annual report of the National Commission for the State Regulation of Communication and Informatization of Ukraine shows, Ukraine is fourth in the world by a number of IT specialists after the United States. Within the years, the need for professionals only grow and a lot of them are tested on new IT technologies in order to keep up with the current updates. Now IT-industry in Ukraine is considered to be the fifth concerning the volume of exports in the country. According to the association "Information technologies of Ukraine" by 2016, the need for IT specialists in Europe will be about 1 million people. Considering Ukraine as IT industry outsourcing destination, European business owners will experience what genuine professionals can offer.

Why Ukraine is a good choice

  • Сonvenient geographical location of Ukraine.


Lviv location

The first reason why it becomes so popular as outsourcing destination is rather a good location. Being attractive to world-class investors, it has plenty of advantages. Many foreign investigators agree that geographical location just helped to grow among other countries concerning IT industry. If we are talking about Ukraine and its IT opportunities which I consider to be one of the most successful on our market, you can easily notice that most software developers work in Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa. Ukrainian city – Lviv should be mentioned because of a large number of IT companies residing there.

Besides, the city was included in TOP 30 emerging destinations for IT outsourcing. What is more, with increasing demand for Lviv developers, wages are likely to be one of highest in Ukraine as well as the quality that clients receive. It seems to me, it’s clear why so as being the centre of IT industry in Eastern Europe, Ukraine has appeared to be among 10 top countries with the most certified IT professionals following smart developers from the United States, specialists of IT technologies from India and leading Polish providers according to Global IT IQ Report.

Exploring Ukraine for its outsourcing industry in 2016, one can be surprised by the fact that Information Technology is the only area where the number of vacancies exceeds the number of specialists. Every year the demand for the programmers is increasing. According to now one specialist accounts for 5 vacancies.

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  • More chances to find reliable software provider.

When Ukraine is mentioned concerning IT industry, it is sure to have more advantages over others to win the project and build long-term relationships. Being best nearshore location, it regards to be not only reliable partners but also outgoing and creative teams who understand your business ideas and can help you make your product more addictive to end-user. Ukrainians values and its friendly mentality allows to get along with world-class entrepreneurs very quickly. To earn really good reputation is not as easy as it seems to us.

Generally speaking, every client wants their product to be successful on the world market and profitable for him. If he manages to find a creative team full of smart developers, good testers and top-class designers – then he is likely to succeed. Nowadays, it can take rather a lot of time to choose among a large number of companies that offer online platforms such as: “Elance”, “Upwork”, “People per hour”, “” etc. Be sure to build long-term relationships with Ukrainians as they start to learn information technologies and software development beginning from school age. 80% of Ukrainian school children want to learn programming at an early age like nine or ten. It’s amazing to investigate such things at this young age. It helps them to learn all necessary information faster and be ready for real future projects.

Also, more than 60% of Ukrainian students are eager to learn how to program, and 18.5% of young respondents are trying to program on their own. This is confirmed by a survey conducted among school children called  IT Ukraine Association. That means the sphere of research and development in Ukraine has the potential for further growth.

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Why Indeema Software is a good choice for your business

Working with clients around the world, our  Indeema team tries to find an individual approach to every client that needs our help in creating software products. Actually, we have set up this company to help entrepreneurs to succeed in their projects and we have a goal to make their ideas smarter and brighter with our help.

That is our central challenge. I believe, our team manages to begin long-lasting and sustainable relationships of trust. The aim is to find best ever solution for everyone who requires it. Indeema includes dedicated professionals who are eager to create a best-selling product for users. Adhering to high principles of business ethics, which are inextricably linked to the success of your business success: honesty, transparency and confidentiality. Over the years, well-developed remoting scheme allows the client to fully control the process.

Nowadays software development in Ukraine is based on highly skilled business analysts, system architects, developers, testers, support professionals and project managers. These facts allow us to say: when trusting us to solve client’s problems, you ensure your investment. We are happy to face any challenges because it gives us more experience and real chance to grow. The success of you, your projects or business ideas — is our success.

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