The Perfect Software Development Process

W. Edwards Deming, a famous engineer and professor once said, “If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing.” Here at Indeema, we couldn’t agree more. With years of experience, and after toiling over the best way to get the ball rolling and keep it rolling, we’ve come up with what in our opinion is the best software development process.

In today’s mobile development world, clients are looking to get their app or website deployed as soon as possible without sacrificing features and user experience. If you don’t have your process down, hang-ups will eventually occur, impeding progress and frustrating users. Don’t make it hard on yourself, trust your idea to professionals.

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Our process

After planning and designing is complete, it’s time to actually write the code. It’s important to know that having the best coders doesn’t mean your project will come to fruition faster to get that return on investment you’ve been waiting for. To get the most out of our talented developers, we use the principles of Agile software development.  

Using Agile, a cohesive, cross-functional team works in sprints, or timeframes of about 2-3 weeks, to write a slice of the total project each time. During the course of each sprint we concurrently test and perfect the code to align our clients’ visions with our own.  


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Our toolkit

Although our strategy and methodology only see significant change every couple of years, our toolkit is dynamic and some tools are replaced for more up-to-date ones depending on our needs.  


Effective communication tools that are keys to success

Throughout the entire project lifecycle, we discuss every detail many times over to make sure that problems are mitigated down the road. Project managers work closest with clients and act as a mediary by translating ideas and suggestions into technical terms that developers understand. Apart from daily internal meetings between team members, we have weekly or bi-weekly meetings with clients and send or show our clients weekly progress reports.


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We go by these principles because we value our clients’ feedback. Not only does it show us where we went wrong or missed something, but it gives us pride and motivation when we get it right.

Communication is tied in with every one of our other tools, so doing it effectively saves time, money and aggravation.


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Our favorite project management and version control tools

We use Redmine as our main project management system and issue-tracking tool. We like it because it allows us to manage multiple projects, assign tasks, and keep track of progress in a neat visual package.

Git is our go-to version control system because it’s decentralized, or in other words, allows for distributed development. With Git, every developer has their own local repository so it’s easier to collaborate between team members. The speed, security and branch handling make Git our #1 choice.

SourceTree is basically a facelift for Git which has a sleek user interface and a bunch of cool features.

How do clients benefit from this? We give our clients full access to our projects on both Redmine and Git so they can keep track of progress in real-time and give us their feedback.


The most suitable tools for mobile development

For iOS apps we use Xcode, our favorite IDE developed by Apple Inc. Because Eclipse ADT has been replaced by Android Studio as Google’s primary IDE for developing native Android apps, we will be using it less and less, as it is no longer supported or updated.

Atom is an open-source, cross-platform text and source code editor. We like it because it’s “hackable” meaning we can tweak and fine-tune it for our particular needs.  

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When we talk about the perfect software development process, we mean what we’ve perfected over the course of many years. We use a set of proven professional tools and methods to streamline our internal and external processes, to cut down on setbacks and misunderstandings. With this approach, we can roll out your product on time, so that you, and most importantly your users, are satisfied. If you have a great idea, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote today!

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