The end?! Coding is completed. What's next?

You have eagerly anticipated this to happen for months – you have pumped your money, ideas, and energy into it. You have had sleepless nights and busy weekends. No, it is not your baby but it is your brainchild, and at last your mobile app is ready. Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah.  Or is it simply almost ready? Is the project finished when the coding is completed? No, it is just the beginning of a complex process of attracting, winning and retaining the users. Because being aware of what is computer coding is not enough.

Technically speaking, implementation is the cornerstone of a project and yet it is not the only essential part. In fact, it is marketing, maintenance, and updating that will define success of your app when it comes to the end of coding.

Marketing for your app

Even if the code is unsurpassed and developers clearly understand where to start computer coding, it will always remain behind the scenes. Everepix, Hailo, Google Wave, Google Reader, Poke and many others did not make it because they underestimated or dismissed marketing altogether. Unfortunately great ideas are not always moneymaking products. Users must learn about your product; they need to become convinced your app is worth buying and being used irrespective of who made computer coding. After all, it is the bottom line that counts.

It is users who generate profit for your company and your overall success depends on their satisfaction with your product. Clearly it is necessary to collect as much user feedback as possible before the first release. To advertise your idea you can create a teaser page with the screenshots and a provisional contents page about the future product; you can also commission journalists who preferably understand what is computer coding system to write overviews of your product. This will tantalize and intrigue users to  buy and try out your app.

Having conducted research about customer engagement, Think with Google highlights the importance of marketing. The majority of users learn about the apps from friends, family or the Internet without an idea how to perform computer coding. This is up to your developers to figure out the best computer coding to learn. If your app is discoverable in search engines or advertised extensively on social networks, it is bound to become popular. However, according to CB Insights, interest in an app is short-lived and it requires a lot of aptitude to retain your users through regular ads, discounts, and, most importantly, updates.

App maintenance

As soon as the app is on the store and users start downloading it, various issues crop up, such as server management, scalability, performance optimization, etc. In fact, maintenance begins from the first release of the project. The particular testing engineers are to provide maintenance diving deep into what is computer coding like. As many reports reveal, businesses tend to invest generously in the initial launch and therefore come under budget when they are supposed to upgrade their products. It is wise not to implement all functionality in the first version as in the primary computer coding example.  At first introduce your product to the users and let them decide what else they would like to have in the app and then implement their wishes in the subsequent versions, which will enhance user experience.

Your app updates

The studies show that frequent updates improve rating of the app and its profitability. So, to extend  its capacity you ought to make updates regularly. There are enough dedicated computer coding programs for it. Ideally, when each following version meets users’ expectations more accurately.

You need to carefully plan the lifecycle of an app because it determines its lifespan and your earnings.


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