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You probably have fallen to think about outsourcing at least once during your professional career. In the previous articles we observed a lot of new and useful information, how it can be helpful to your business, outlined all pros and cons. Depending not just on the budget but also on the current trends, you can easily find what fits you better. Let’s go on! If you look further and plan to set up your own startup, what would be your next steps? Sure, you should take into consideration all aspects including the team that will be responsible for developing a first product or just MVP for your startup. Do you have all necessary resources, meaning software developers, designers, QA engineers and so on ? If there is a lack of personnel and you need more people to develop the application  — outsourcing seems to be the best way out!

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There are situations when a startup needs to outsource mobile development to complete the whole product such as: make it a mobile version for users that is so crucial today. The fact that we can not live without our smartphones is obvious and taking our mobile phones everywhere forces the entrepreneurs to build mobile applications. The need for mobile team depends on the importance and the main functions of the startup. If you consider this to be the core part of your business plan and main idea includes creating a product from a scratch, you will definitely win if you decide to outsource.
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On the first stages of the developing any product, you think of the idea for your startup. What kind of product you would like to create, its main functions, the target audience and so many more factors that influence you to look for a dedicated team or even a company to begin your first project. Everything is born from your ideas. When there is any idea of the product in your head, you really go on thinking what do you need to achieve the desired aim or result. Usually, the one who decided to start a startup have nothing but ideas or limited budget to begin. This is when outsourcing mobile app development is worth considering.

If you feel that you are in the same situation, try to care about the budget you currently have. In most cases as it was above mentioned, it is limited, so to making firstly MVP of the product is considered to be a splendid idea. If you still have never heard about MVP, this is called the minimum viable product or the product with the highest return on investment versus risk. After defining the core features, for example, of the mobile application, it will be easier to decide what functions should be included in the MVP for further outsourcing of mobile application development.

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Another key thing to remember is how to find the investor and how to make the users enjoy and then buy the product. It is not an easy task to find the investor and make him like it. This is why so many startups fail while presenting their idea. There are many other startup problems that you should be aware of, such as: market problems, business model failure, the importance of CAC / LTV, poor team management, running out of cash and product developed with bugs that crashes and users avoid using it. Hence, considering mobile application development outsourcing should be prioritized.

I believe, you should at first find a really good software provider to develop this product for you. If a team or company has done it before, then you are likely to succeed as the previous experience is of great importance for you. At least you will have a guarantee that the team, you have chosen knows how to help you. In this case outsourcing is good idea, because you can find the provider that fully meets your requirements with your budget, timeframes quality and any other factors.

Why startups should outsource:

  1. to concentrate on the core goal of the startup without spending time on managing your team;
  2. to focus on the developing your main product;
  3. when there is need for MVP, it's better to outsource than hiring a whole team;
  4. outsourcing your HR functions as well to save more funds;
  5. if your startup needs developing the mobile version of the product;
  6. to save time on the development and spend it on the advertising your startup and spread it among users and investors;
  7. to save time on IT marketing trends, ideas, insights, and resources;
  8. to reduce costs on sales team that manages and sells the product;
  9. if you want to stay focused on the growth of your product.

What is more, there are a few articles on the outsourcing in our blog like “Ukrainian IT outsourcing industry”, “Why outsourcing will help your business?” that can be helpful for you while deciding and thinking on this issues. The reason why you should outsource mobile development are obvious. You should rely on the great specialist and dedicated teams that definitely knows how to build the product from the start. If it is connected with the value proposition and is a main part of the service you provide then this shows that you need a full time development resource for a long period. I believe that the provider, you have chosen for building the MVP has coped with the task and investor appeals to your project. NOW, it’s time your team created a product to end with all necessary features.

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Why every startup needs a good software provider

Perhaps, you do not know what kind of app to follow: native one or using cross platform development tools like Phonegap, Titanium or Kony. It depends on the prodiver too, what kinds of methods they prefer. Also, be sure that if you choose really great team with good experience , you are likely to find answers to what platforms you should build the app. Native applications are usually faster, they have better user experience, better offline support and  looks smarter. The cost for native apps are higher than cross platform. For cost effective mobile app development outsourcing can contribute a lot. It is very essential to build your product without no bugs or crashes. Cross platform apps can be cheaper and today attract more and more people. It can be a good choice if your startup is linked to the game development.

Although the investors has tended to focus greatly on mobile development, they often do not notice all cons of outsourcing. In many cases, startup should outsource mobile development team as there are a wide range of reasons for them to win beginning from cost saving on special equipment for the company to work and test the product, saving of infrastructure, recruitment, legal etc. If you choose this way, you do not need to worry about employee hiring, retention or anything alike, that usually takes time. It would be better to fully concentrate on the business you run and your startup without managing your technical team all day long. This can be achieved through the outsourcing today.

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Let’s take another situation. When your company has already rather good experience in the app development but being a businessmen, there is no time to create and develop the product from a scratch to end, meaning to start a new startup. Why you might not have time to deal with it? The answer is simple: you are busy engaging in the marketing of your product and advertising. Outsourcing can save time and show really good results if you find appropriate team that will meet all your expectations.

All in all it seems to me that everything starts from your ideas. Nowaday it can be implemented with the help of information technologies. If you start any startup, you should think on the range of questions like who will develop a product, will investors like it, how to make it prosperous among the users, will your budget allow you to do it etc. As soon as there is any idea to begin the startup that you would like to turn into reality, and most importantly you see the growing need of such app in the industry, I  strongly believe  this is the best time when you can go for outsourcing. You should also keep a considerable budget in your mind according to the features that you want to develop in your app. I would suggest building MVP firstly to be sure you that your product has a potential for success among users and investors. The main rule to remember is that you should not outsource to make the service invisible but to make your internal resources focused on your business plan and solutions as well as reduce the cost structure on the first stages.

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