Israel Mobile Summit 2016

Are you aware of where one of the fastest growing IT booms is happening right now? It may come as a surprise to you, but Israel is currently being transformed by what is known as the Silicon Wadi. Translated from Hebrew it means Silicon Valley, which should sound more familiar. Second only to California, the Israel’s IT industry is rapidly expanding. Tel Aviv happens to be at the epicenter, and that’s precisely the reason the Israel Mobile Summit has been held there annually for the 6th year running. This year, Indeema had the unique opportunity to attend, and we learned a heck of a lot.


Our experience in the IT oasis of Israel


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First and foremost, Indeema wishes to express our gratitude to the Summit’s organizing committee who did a marvelous job. The Israel Mobile Summit, held on June 14th, was the main attraction of Israel Mobile Week (June 13-15), and took place in the Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center in sunny Tel Aviv. This year, it was attended by over 2,000 eager visitors from around the globe. During the course of the Summit over 60 speakers gave talks, presentations and enlightening seminars.


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App developers, marketing experts, game publishers and startups all participated in learning more about the following three tracks:

  1. Innovation and growth - Because Indeema is deeply ingrained in finding ways to help our clients succeed, we took great interest in this track. Mobile entrepreneurs, and other professionals shared their startup strategies, and showed off new trends that are likely to succeed in the mobile world.
  2. Monetization and games - This track was dedicated to not only new solutions for making money from apps, but also marketing aspects of how to get more people to use an app.
  3. Analytics and SDK’s - An intriguing track that featured in-depth discussions on analytics as a tool for optimizing targeted ads and user experience. App developers introduced fresh ideas on which development kits are being used to build successful startups and how to choose the right platform, framework and tools.


Enriching our network through smart business practices


The goals we set for the Summit were to learn and discover as much as possible and also to connect and find new potential clients and partners. The format of the Summit offered the chance to have 1 on 1 meetings with our peers, which we took full advantage of. Mingling with attendees, we were delighted to see the familiar faces of acquaintances we made at Apps World Berlin.


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One of the highlights of our trip was the office tour and open discussion offered by one of the leading monetization and app distribution platforms, Appnext. Their offices, located on the 35th floor of an ultra-modern building served as the backdrop to the eye-opening and rewarding exchange of knowledge among colleagues.

Before embarking on the long return trip home, we took time to travel to Jerusalem, arguably the most famous religious and historical city in the world. The breath-taking Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Western (Wailing) wall served as the climax to our IT adventure.


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We love attending IT gatherings because we enjoy interacting with the best and brightest minds of our generation. To keep our work fresh and exciting, we need to continually evolve and hone our skills. At the Israel Mobile Summit, we had an opportunity to make new friends and connect with old ones. We loved our experience in Israel, and we will definitely be visiting its warm and welcoming atmosphere again.

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