Is There Life After App Release?

The most enthralling thing about being part of a great project is watching it become a success. Success rarely happens accidentally because it's the end-result of hard work and solid business processes. After going through the exciting rollercoaster of developing a mobile or web app, the next logical step is to launch it and watch it grow. But to do it in a “launch and pray” manner will most definitely backfire because there has to be a set plan for pre- as well as post-launch. Is there life after app release? No doubt there is, but to keep the momentum going, you have to take a few key points into account.

User feedback, engagement and retention

Customer feedback, loyalty, satisfaction

Your most objective critics are the end users, the people that will potentially make or break your success. If you choose to ignore or anger them, that app launch party you threw will look like a wedding after a failed marriage. If you want to keep your users happy you should update often, respond to requests for features and fixes, and give them a reason to use your app.

First of all, having several channels for user feedback is an absolute necessity. We look at reviews from the Google Play Store, emails, social media comments, and also through our in-app live customer support.


How do you keep users interested?

Here at Indeema, we are strong believers in having a clear game plan of what to do with all the feedback we receive. Through our extensive testing and quality assurance processes, we're able to fix a lot of bugs throughout the development process. But there are always unforeseen compatibility issues and unanticipated actions the user might make that can cause bugs, crashes or slow response from the app.


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This is where the connection between user feedback and bug fixes will be most evident. At Indeema, we understand all the stresses associated with maintaining and improving an app, so we offer a full month of free customer service and support with every app we build. When we receive comments from users and analytics from the crash reporting solution Crashlytics, that shows the cause of crashes and the number of affected users, we make an effort to get the update ready as quickly as possible. This shows the users that there’s someone on the other end that cares about what they think and acknowledges their feedback. In this way, they're more likely to share, recommend and use the app.

A multifaceted marketing strategy wins every time



The mobile app marketing strategy you choose will need to be in place before, during, and after app release. For maximum effect, a combination of approaches needs to be used, as shown in this Forbes article on Six Strategies For Mobile App Success. Reach out to reporters, bloggers and prominent people on social media to inform them of new updates. It’s also a good idea to look into paid advertising as an additional tool for driving users to your app and/or website.


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Keeping up with the times with new OS versions - Android N and iOS 10

IOS 10 and Android

New versions of operating systems come out fairly often, and it’s sometimes hard to keep up with all the changes and new features. Some of the most anticipated OS updates are right around the corner; iOS 10 and Android N. Both of the new versions are available as developer previews, so we’ve been studying and evaluating all the new features and capabilities they bring to the table.

Once you release your app with support for certain versions and it becomes popular through solid marketing, it’s still not the end of the road. When a new OS upgrade comes out, a lot of people are itching to try out its new features, but that doesn’t mean you need to update your app as soon as the upgrade comes out.

To do it right, we need time to get used to the new bells and whistles, and more time to make an old app fully compatible. This is a bigger issue for Android devices because each service provider puts their own twist on the standard Android version.

As you can see, life after app release is only the beginning of the adventure and excitement of having an app. In the modern age, social media is king. If your app doesn’t have some way to share, like and comment about the app on social media, you’re missing out on free advertisement and a goldmine of new users. To keep momentum going with your app, connecting with users on a more personal level with lightning fast customer support and constantly improving your product should be part of your reputation. We’re proud of our customer support team, and we’d be happy to not only plan and develop your app, but give you quality solutions for further support and upgrades. If you value your time and your users, contact us and we’ll set you up with a free quote to guide you along the path to success.

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