Is it better to outsource to large corporation or small company?

It was once said, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight that really matters, but the size of the fight in the dog."

Once you need a help with your current or future projects, there is a question of cooperation with a really good provider with top-notch communication during the whole project. Usually everyone looks for not just perfect communication but fast, reliable and high-quality development of his product. Is it better to outsource in such a case? Successful release and interest in the users of the product is essential. Who can provide you with the good development: big corporation or rather small but fast-growing company? The answer is in the article!

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Why do clients outsource?


The client decides what is good and what is bad while cooperating with this or that company by himself. Big or small ones also depends on range of aspects but the universal requirements for all providers are the following:

  • perfect communication during the whole project;
  • responsive and effective team who understands the target;
  • fast and high quality product development;
  • being flexible with customer's requirements;
  • ability to meet the schedule and the deadline;
  • desire of partnership;
  • understanding the process and being open to new ideas.

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Outsourcing to big company: pros and cons

All these requirements mean that the customers are looking for highly professional company despite the it’s size and who will be responsible for your projects. You can read more about the right choice of any provider in our previous article: 7 tips to find the best software development providers for your project. Before working with any enterprise, you still think what to choose large one or small.

There are its pros and cons in both of them. Firstly, the difference between two examples are that in small companies, there are fewer than 100 staff and large one includes 500 or more workers. In each case, the client can find some real pluses and minuses. Cost, location, previous experience and more aspects are the key which can influence on your choice. I believe that except the size of the company, its heart and spirit should be counted as well. Firstly, all depends on the project or just idea you have in mind, and after that the question “is it better to outsource payroll” could be considered.

Outsourcing to big company: pros and cons

Choose Big Corporation:

If your project tends to be a large one and you feel it will need a lot of security, documentation and time. In case you have time, try to work with big corporation.

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Big companies always live up to their reputation and will try their best to successfully  complete the project in time and according to a deadline.

Choosing any big corporation, I believe, there is no lack of funds, so you can easily come and solve all issues that are connected with the project.

In most cases, big companies have the representative offices in other countries, so it is even better as it will save time for business travelling.

Big companies have more obvious structure, when you enter the big office, you are immediately taking part in a process that's been around for a long time. Usually, there is an established way of doing things.

Why have you choosen a big one? Probably, you have heard about it as being a large corporation, it is famous with its services. Your colleagues and business friends have worked with it.

Among some downsides to consider - rather high cost of the services that the company provides can be outlined.

It depends on the type of the project but usually it takes more time to begin and complete. Before working with the client, big corporations care about a lot of documentations, NDA, plans etc.

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There are less possibility to control and manage the process as you may even not be familiar with the the team but just your team-lead.

Сommunication can be a little bit worse than with a small company, as in your case you have connectivity only with the leading manager of your project.

Outsourcing to small and fast-growing company

Outsourcing to small and fast-growing company

Small but Fast-Growing company:

Sometimes , a lot of entrepreneurs start with such kind of companies as there are range of advantages for them. To be honest, the first thing for them is cost as it tends to be not so high as large companies demand.

If you have lack of finance to begin your startup, there is good opportunity to start from MVP with smaller enterprise to be sure there is a future for your product.

Newly created companies care so much about its reputation and serviсes they provide that their approach to work and attitude to customers may pleasantly surprise you.

They are so much cherished by every new customer that they are ready to do everything for their happiness and the product to be really high quality that will bring you profit.

Communication is much better as you may have connection not just with the team-lead of the project but also with all team, including developers, QA engineers, designers and client partners.

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What is more, there is a normal possibility to have a call with managing partner (CEO) in case any problems or you just want to know better the company you cooperate with. CEO knows every client and ready to give his support 24 hours a day.

You can easily take part in every process of the development of your product as well as make adjustments to the process.

Many online staffing platforms like Elance, upWork suggest a wide variety of companies with different cost, rates and reputation. So, you can choose the one that fully fits your requirements.

It makes a real sense if you do not skip daily skype calls with the team-lead of your project, even if there is some troubles; together you can solve and improve the process. It will help you to better understand each other and be sure that the provider is not going to disappear.

In order to avoid difficulties, it will be very effectively if you spend some time discovering and chatting with the leading manager of the company before starting the development.

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Outsourcing to small and big company

From the experience while working with potential leads, I saw bright cases when a customer just after rather long communication — awarded a job. Why did he spend time on it? He definitely wanted to be sure and aware of all risks during the development of his project. Especially this is crucial while outsourcing. A key factor in the choice of small team or big company is NOT always its Rate or Cost.

Attitude to the customer - that is the most important thing. Pay the attention on it and then it will be clear and understandable with whom to work better and how to outsource in general. If the future project requires two or three software engineers, where the client will be appreciated the most? In a huge corporation that has 1,000 people or in a small company, consisting of twenty or thirty people but focused on client’s success? Besides, is it better to outsource domestically or internationally?

While choosing the best providers, customers should take into consideration all these aspects. To choose between more established organization or a smaller company with a lot of growth potential can be decided only after discovering and some communication. In both cases, you have chances to complete the work with high quality but investigate who puts more energy and soul to your project. If you can see this, you are likely to find best-ever company. Our company always uses this motto : “The success of our client is our success, we are always happy when our client feels the same!”

Discover, communicate, and launch the best products in the world…


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