How to know your outsourcing team isn't overcharging you?

Many companies are shifting towards outsourcing as a viable solution for cost savings and efficiency. When you look at the stats, it becomes pretty clear that outsourcing works, but does it work for everyone? Because the market is saturated with IT outsourcing companies from different countries it can be confusing and even scary, seeing as how you might be taking a shot in the dark in terms of quality and service. An even greater concern that quality is price of outsourcing services, which varies greatly. Some businesses have gone to great lengths to secure high-quality outsourcers, but how do you know if your outsourcing team is not overcharging you?


The intrinsic elements of a good relationship = quality outsourcing


Essentially, a business relationship and a personal relationship are the same thing. They are both built on certain principles and must-haves. Of course, you can have a relationship built on lies and fear, that is, on the surface, successful, but it’s like a ticking time bomb or a balloon that has expanded beyond its natural boundaries. The keys to a fruitful, mutual relationship are transparency and communication.


Transparency guarantees less problems

When hiring an outsourcing team, full disclosure and completely written out specs should be givens. To make sure you’ll never be shafted by an outsourcing company, make some extra effort to go over every task, no matter the complexity, and give the terms a read-over at least twice.


Apart from the discussion of price and timeline, you also need to ensure proper rights to the code being written. Will it be exclusively yours? Will you have the source code on hand and at the end of every sprint cycle? These may be no-brainers, but are essential parts of the transparency principle.

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Once the project specification has been written out and an estimation is provided, you may still be skeptical, so most outsourcing companies offer a short trial period before signing a contract, just to set your mind at ease. Granted, when a contract is drawn up, it should also be read and reread by an experienced lawyer or team of lawyers, depending on the project size.

A lot of companies, like Indeema, prefer sprint cycles as opposed to an end of timeline delivery of the complete product, because this way, the client sees what’s going to be developed in each sprint and has the opportunity to mitigate any risks.


Our most potent and powerful tool- communication

The second most important part of a good relationship is communicating concerns, problems and any other issues. Telling us how much you love our work is also very much appreciated!


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To make the thought of somebody overcharging you a thing of the past, you need to hire a company that has excellent communication skills. What I mean by this is not only knowledge of the English language, but a strategic communication plan, which includes pre-sprint, sprint and post-sprint progress reports.

Another way companies like Indeema prevent any hint of overcharging, is that we grant some of our clients exclusive access to our task management system and Git, the version control system we use. This way, you see the completion of tasks in real-time and there are no smoke and mirror, hiding any overcharging.


In the fast-paced world of IT, outsourcing has become a necessity for companies just starting out, or major players looking to cut down on costs. Not all outsourcing teams are the same, and not all of them respect their clients enough to form a mutual, long-lasting relationship. These kinds of companies tend to overcharge because they’re looking at the numbers from a greed perspective. To ensure you’re getting what you pay for, you need to invest in a transparent, communicative company like, for instance, Indeema. This way, your risks are minimized and you can sleep soundly knowing we’re working on fair conditions and not tipping the scale in our favor. If you’ve had a bad experience with outsourcing, don’t be so quick to write it off, join our happy client base and get your free quote today!

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