How safe is software outsourcing to Ukraine?

There are rich customers. There are cautious customers. What they have in common is their desire to build up their business. The only difference is that the cautious ones hardly ever outsource their work, while the others outsource the lion’s share of theirs. As a result, they are wealthier and more satisfied than the former because they get quality work done at lower cost.

A careful client will think long and hard about outsourcing,

“Is my idea safe with an outsourcing company?”

“Will they ensure the required quality of my product?”

“Will they guarantee that my concept will be implemented accurately?”

Every above question is not idle since the very phenomenon of outsourcing is too attractive to ignore in the contemporary interconnected world. The furious competition in each sector implies feasible solutions to be offered to the customers. And the software outsourcing sector itself appeared just in response to the growing demand of the law-cost but high-quality development services on the global IT market. How to dare to appeal to outsourcers without a risk of compromising your project constitutes the subject of the present article.

You should choose a safe country, a reliable provider, perceptive and skillful developers, and a kindred spirit (see Business Insider).

Ukraine outsourcing

Where? Ukraine, Poland, India, China, you name it. For example, when you post a job description on Upwork, a staggeringly large number of companies will be bidding to win a contract. In fact, all of the bidders are far from the deep understanding of what you really need because even a simple project requires hours of the direct communication when the idea is exposed to the intensive brainstorming in numerous iterations. Their confidence is based on the presumption that their former experience is sufficient to cope with the current task. And almost the single tool they all have at such a stage is the price. It is enticing to go with the company that offers a low price. Yet, it is far too risky to opt for that as the quality will certainly suffer. There have been numerous complaints about work of Indian and Chinese developers (see YCombinator). When it comes to outsourcing a project to a third-party located remotely, the professional background of the developer should be considered first instead of the price. Besides, not every software segment is equally familiar to different outsourcers: the industrial IoT software, for example, can be developed adequately only in the areas where the industrial sector has a long history of modernization and development. That’s why Ukraine remains competitive pushing customers to consider outsourcing to Ukraine.

Top outsourcing countries

Safe country

Irrespective of the news or announcements, Ukrainian authorities are too prudent to suppress its IT industry – they will not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Ukrainian leaders are sufficiently progressive to understand that the current 4th Industrial Revolution is focused on the IT sector. It is crucially important for Ukraine to go in line with the main global trends. So in terms of outsourcing Ukraine is extremely safe and secure since its IT industry is supported by the governmental bodies. Further evidence suggests: there would not be so many outsourcing companies springing up if the prospects were bleak. Besides, software outsourcing to Ukraine is gaining momentum that hints at its safety. In other words, both the local socio-political climate and the availability of high-class IT specialists create the best business environment for the rapidly growing software outsourcing sector in Ukraine.  

Ukraine outsourcing

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Reliable provider

Judging from the amount of positive feedback on the work of Ukrainian companies on Upwork and Freelancer, there are loads of reliable providers and trustworthy developers. The marketing research based on such indicator of the customers’ satisfaction as the positive feedback is probably the simplest and, at the same time, one of the most reliable methods in figuring out who is trustworthy among the developers. Some US companies are concerned about data breach. They fear that they will not be able to oversee the processes and thus the information may be exposed and vulnerable. I would say that any business deal contains an element of risk. However, the vulnerabilities differ. When it comes to some confidential data leakage or following copyright, the widely accepted non-disclosure agreements (NDA) works efficiently in Ukraine where the legislation is advanced and European-like. Besides, where competition is tough just the reputation matters. The foundations of the outsourcing business are hard work, guarantees of information security and mutual trust. Outsourcing companies do not gamble with their customers as they are still building their reputation and establishing themselves in the market. The only competitive advantage of every respectable outsourcer implies establishing the maximally reliable and fully transparent relationships with the customers along with providing the best ever service. Especially it concerns the software development outsourcing to Ukraine.

Ukrainian outsourcing market


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Perceptive and skillful developers

Developers are like interpreters – they translate their customers’ ideas into viable products. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience to do that well. Customers are often looking to build a project that lacks clear requirements or specifications. Nevertheless, the developers can implement it by clarifying everything with the customer and suggesting their solutions. This is what the notorious Lean Customer Development means and how the majority of Ukrainian software outsourcers work. Moreover, just the ability to dig deeply into the core idea of a project as well as the meticulousness in polishing the tiniest nuances of the end product can distinguish a true professional from the rest.  If you are anxious that you cannot monitor the developers’ work because they are on a different continent, you can either hire a manager that will be representing you on site or ask the outsourcing company to use the tracking system that is a common practice while software outsourcing to Ukraine. To stay always on in order to keep the continuous communication with a customer is a must-have feature of every advanced Ukrainian outsourcer.

Ukrainian developer talents infografic


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A kindred spirit

You are on a fast track and looking for a dynamic partner who can keep tabs on the market – Ukrainian companies are right up your street. Indeema, for example, recently has started working with the Metal framework to implement ray tracing. Furthermore, when you outsource your work, you expect the contractor to share your vision, values and goals to make the whole process less onerous. Indeema will share this affinity with you. The Western mentality inherent in Ukrainian developers in general and the broad experience of Indeema in collaboration with the American and European customers in particular make the mutual understanding with Ukrainian outsourcers easy. They believe in transparency and honesty because it paves the way to smooth and fruitful cooperation with everyone who decided positively about software outsourcing to Ukraine. Going strictly in line with the customer’s mindset is crucially important for the outsourcers who practice such advanced marketing methods as the Lean Customer Development and the minimum viable products. And Indeema does.

Ousourcing to Ukraine

Summarizing all above-mentioned, it is undoubtedly clear that outsourcing your projects to Ukraine is safe. It is much safer than cooperating with many Asian outsourcers at least. Perhaps you will think that I am propagating a perfect image of the Ukrainian IT industry because I have a vested interest. I certainly do. It’s my country and I work for one of such companies. But, please check for yourself, you will find that there is plenty of evidence to confirm my suggestion - Looksery, GitLab, WhatsApp, Petcube, Blynk, etc.

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