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It was Hackathon, however it was NOT about a product development, fixing a technical problem, or testing a new app. Hackathon-originated solutions regardless whichever start-up or a product it concerns always fail being irrelevant to the actual market demands and customers’ expectations. Such solutions engendered by geeks against too much narrowly-specialized tasks and challenges tend to be out of touch with reality.

It was NOT a contest on pizza-n-cola chomping by participants with red eyes due to lack of sleep and trembling hands because of the caffeine overdose. Well, there was pizza actually. Pretty much. And yes, it has been gobbled up.

Indeema hackatone

Our Hackathon was NOT a fierce brainstorm in search of some imaginative technical solution or a non-trivial design. Our designers are so perusing over a bunch of ‘drafts’ unless bumping upon something decent. It happens naturally over time with lots of hard work and dedication.

That Hackathon was NOT an attempt to provide an artificial background releasing the trigger of creativity. That moment when something clicks in a developer’’s mind due to the environmental strangeness making a super-geniuses takeaway to appear. Leave such experiments to doctors, impressionist painters, and psychedelic trip fans.    

The Hackathon did NOT take as its goal to detect hidden talents or check our specialists for an aptitude test. We are familiar enough with everyone of our team being very clear about their actual competence and felicity.

Our Hackathon, after all, was NOT paying a tribute to fashion by emulating more massive and authoritative companies. Even though following trends seems to be a feature of the advanced organizations to spearhead the attack of the market segment.

Everything abovementioned was NOT about our Hackathon, and was never supposed to be.  Our Hackathon was concerned to achieve the other goals. The goals important for Indeema as for the team of like-minded associates sharing joint values.  

Indeema IoT

This year our Hackathon WAS arranged FOR:

- drive, fun, all-night-long party, game. It was a group game, but not poker or baseball. We played the augmented reality game with bloodthirsty zombies against coldblooded killers of the bloodthirsty zombies. Why zombie? Why wouldn’’t it be? Despite it was a game, the objectives met utilitarian arguments being close to our developers’ expertise.

Players without deep possession of Java and C++ development proficiency would be irrelevant there.   

  • players attunement to foster team spirit. The development of a product requiring group work makes all participants resonate to each other. The project managers should be able to clearly define the purposes and point the targets. This requires a project manager to be not just merely acquainted with a developer. Both must share the same language. The developers for their part should be able to embrace and unequivocally recognize the task.
  • teambuilding and cooperation. The team players were to realize that their individual professionalism (appreciated very much indeed) should not intercept cooperation with others having lower qualifications.  The collective goal along with the cohort playing was meant to navigate the waters between players. Being locked in a room for 24 hours the guys had to set their personal ambitions aside in order to meet the common target.
  • uniting common aspirations and values. No matter whether a company’’s staff consists of 20 or 20K people. The real success lies where a corporate culture meets like-minded audience. We did not oblige our guys to participate in the Hackaton. They’’ve made a free and voluntary decision to spend their time playing for those 24 hours running between Saturday and Sunday. We did not promise winners everything under the Sun (however, the skydiving as the main prize was dropping some strong hints). We came through the proper motivation in virtue of Indeema’’s code of ethics collectively shared by the entire staff from top managers to trainees.
  • resolve in the matter of independent choice. The developers were to select necessary tools and approaches orientating by their own choice. Such a collective decision helps to avoid time-consuming hesitations in fear of being mistaken. ‘Two hands make light work,’ and that was a point of self-development under positive stress. For future work it will benefit both deadlines and quality.
  • responsibility for the achieved results. Our program testers were to follow up the Hackathon results. Once both testers and developers were locked together, it was impossible for testers to botch up the job. The bloodthirsty zombies together with coldblooded killers kept a close eye on testers. On one hand it seemed to be suffocation, but on the other hand it was forceful stimulation and training. Training and development, if nothing else!

VR on hackatone

And then a lot of congratulations, handshakes, pressing the flash, and even (whoopee!) lip-locks came pouring on players! The Hackathon was over. Was it difficult? You bet, a human-zombie massacre is never an easy one! Was it boring? Not at all, 24-hours event went too quickly. We made time to collapse (Einstein would envy!). Was it beneficial?  Beyond all doubt! We’’ve seen again that everybody-plays leagues such as Hackathon offered the effective methods and technologies of evolution and development. The development of such new-generation companies as Indeema.

And it was really a big FUN!

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