Everything you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 7

Apple has long been known for claiming high standards for the entire mobile phone industry. Every year the company raises the standards even higher with the release of the next iPhone. This year was not an exception. The iPhone 7 wins over iPhone 6 in its design and performance.

And you know what? It’s time to benefit from that.

While everybody’s talking about the advantages of the new iPhone for the users, think what’s in it for developers. Learning more about the strengths of the iPhone 7 will provide you with the unique insight into the new opportunities for the app development.  

Storing capacity boost

You are no longer limited with iPhone 6 16 GB. The stored capacity increased, now it is 32GB minimum and 256 GB maximum for iPhone users. What does this mean practically? You can now offer your users products with better functionality, better design, higher speed and much more. Now, you can demand more for your games, as well.  

More speed

First, the iPhone 7 is twice as fast as the iPhone 6. Its clock rate is 2.4 GHz comparing to the iPhone 6 clock rate 1.85. Due to that the new Apple A10 Fusion processor ensures 40% more speed. It results in faster performance on a daily basis and graphic updates. What it means to you is that you can create better looking iPhone games.  

Second, battery life of the iPhone 7 is longer than that of the iPhone 6. Not only the battery life is longer, but the iPhone 7 is charged faster. Apple experts promise that their latest invention can be charged in 30 minutes. Having longer battery life means opportunity to develop games that demand long online presence such as strategic games.

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Better camera

Though camera resolution remained the same 12 megapixels as in iPhone 6, the new camera has Quad Full HD technology. It catches 50% more light and allows users make photos with poor lightning conditions. Also, it is equipped with optical stabilization and so the video is not shaking anymore. Use it for making apps with video streaming and photo galleries.  

Meet your new ally – Siri

Now Siri not only opens the apps but also interacts with them. You can ask Siri to write to someone in WhatsApp or call someone on the Uber and it will suffice. Besides, Siri can interact with other frameworks (such as HomeKit for home automation). Use it as your weapon. Optimize your apps for Siri. People would love to use your applications if the program can do many things for them in it.

Cleared-up desktop

In iPhone 7 (iOS 10), Apple finally allowed to hide the majority of standard apps from the desktop. What iPhone 7 improvement means to you? More space for your own apps. If people are tired of standard applications, they would love to keep their favorite apps on the desktop instead. Don’t waste this opportunity. Make your app irresistible for iPhone owners.

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New features of iMessage

Apple created App Store for iMessage and there one can download different stickers, keyboards, effects and many more. In other words the clever minds of Apple endowed iMessage with the majority of Viber features. The main point is you can create all these stickers, keyboards, effects and so make money on selling them in AppStore for iMessage.

To conclude, there is always room for improvement in the mobile phone industry. Talks about what the iPhone 7 should have have been productive. While Apple experts challenge themselves releasing the iPhone 7 think of compatible new products for it. Think of the opportunities you get from the innovations and design your unique mobile app today!

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