Earn millions by spending penny, is it real?

Like it or not, no one in this world wants to pay a fortune for the services they are in need of. This also applies to me when looking for products to buy, repairing my equipment or using the services of a professional makeup artist. It is all about daily life and money, but it also relates to business solutions, information technologies and software/mobile development. As we know, we can not do business efficiently without such modern tendencies like websites and eCommerce mobile application for online store, especially when we do not want to be behind others. It sounds crazy but most of us dream of spending less and earning as much as possible. This is ok as it is called human nature.


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How to succeed in IT business

Now we are talking about software and mobile development that can help your business boost and turn your pennies into millions. Every big investor, businessman or entrepreneur knows the truth and it is rather simple: if you do not work hard, harder and even harder, you will never succeed in your business solutions.

There are a lot of different methods to ameliorate the bad situations in your enterprise, such as increasing the numbers of sales in your company, numbers of clients worldwide etc. Anyway, it leads you to a solution that sooner or later everyone should change something for better. How to make everyone familiar with your company and services you provide? As for me, the answer is very simple as I work in IT company with big customers around the world.

For people working in IT, the answer is as easy as pie. I know for sure, you will never survive without the help of software solutions that offer a wide range of different services beginning from simple ads and ending with website and mobile application.

This is obvious that software and mobile development for business is rather a pressing need than a tribute to fashion. If you do not to keep up with current trends, you will never see a progress. Today new competitors are emerging as well as new products — even similar to yours are appearing every minute. It does not matter in what industry you are because what was good 10 years ago, does not fit today's laws and requirements in business. First of all, you should start from understanding your professional goals and what you can do to succeed.

money saving


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If you manage a business that is connected with everyday clients, you have to own a website and even mobile application to be always in touch with customers. It is like one, two, three that you can not survive without its help. In the previous articles about “How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App?” and “Why outsourcing will help your business?”, I have already outlined the key points on approximate prices and benefits of the outsource process, so you know a little bit about mobile development and benefits of outsourcing.

If you decide to come back to information technologies and create these helpful features, the first thing to do is to find appropriate company to create it for your business. As Indeema works daily with clients all over the world, helping and composing the project development plans, we are aware of main needs. A lot of customers while running a project together with us ask about price and quality we deliver.
Fixed and hourly price

Fixed or hourly priced outsource billing?

The price can be usually fixed or hourly. Sometimes they do not know what should they choose. As a client partner, while communicating with customers we always try to outline main points of the project and then choose the most suitable kind of pricing.

Usually, hourly price for services is rather good idea if you plan just to build MVP in order to investigate how your app can work or make simple prototype of an app. In other cases, when accomplishing big projects, pricing per hour stands better. We always create special documentation that is called “Project development plan” that is discussed with customer before creating. If everythings is ok, we start development according to the plan.

If customer wants to change some details in the project, it can take additional time and is really bad for fixed price development. Hourly paid work is more flexible not only for customers but also for developers as in case we complete the project faster, the cost will be smaller.


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I believe that it is not real to spend just penny and earn millions. If you do not spend enough on the high-quality products, you will never win as people will not choose you.

Disregard the fixed or hourly price for the project, it is all about the reputation. Bright example is mobile app that can be developed with bugs sometimes by freelancers who do not have all devices to test it properly and who do not think about your success. Companies with fully-equipped team are more likely to help you with successful development as they have more experience and know what the word “deadline” means. There are also easiest ways of earning millions without spending lots of money

. Fixed Price and Cost plus

The challenging point in business is understanding the main rule: in most cases underfunded project is just a waste of money in vain as you don’t receive any profit. If you spend enough money on good team that will definitely complete the task successfully, all spent funding will come back to you in even bigger amount.

Do you happen to know about Amanda Hocking? The person who managed to succeed with the help of IT solution! The American writer of paranormal romance young-adult fiction who made her first million very quickly by selling a self-published e-book. Inspired by her story, we found unusual way to make a relatively quick million online. Amanda has already written 17 novels and in April 2010, she decided to begin self-publishing them as e-books. It was really a good idea!

By March 2011, she had sold over a million copies of her nine books and earned two million dollars from sales, previously unheard of for self-published authors. I am sure that perseverance and the help of IT technologies helped her become successful. I know a lot of similar stories and creative ways of earning 1st million while communicating with customers, it is just one of the stories among others dedicated to software and mobile development for business, but we can see that without your strong desire and our help, it can not be successful.


All things considered, it seems reasonable to assume that everyone can easily notice — mobile applications have captured an entire market. It is not only eCommerce apps but different spheres like music, for instance. Michael Jackson’s Thriller was sold in the number of 110 million of copies and it was from mobile application.

A lot of people launch new IT products everyday and almost 50% become unsuccessful because of bugs and crashes. It can be just a simple game that has ability to convert into winning app like “Angry birds”. Online retailer that earned a huge reputation is called Amazon. This is a second prime example. It managed to reach a sales figure  due to website and mobile application which was over $610 million with over 13 million customers across the globe. A desire, persistence and new IT technologies converted entrepreneurial business of Jeff Bezos into prosperous company.

This can happen only if you work with appropriate team. After identifying the goal of your product, it will be much easier to see the main purposes. Mobile apps have emerged as the easiest ways to sell products and services, share information and earn billions. Even if there is no ability to spend more money on the whole project, MVP will be rather good idea at an early stage.

The success of your product depends on the number of people that use it and of course it’s quality. Although the selection of fixed or hourly price for the project is relevant, the question is hardly the most important one. I believe that ordinary man with little money but GREAT idea can win a lottery plus your desire and the right team will lead your penny to million!

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