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Up to now, 2015 has been a great year for consumer tech. So the Indeema team has decided to take a look at the best startups that have been launched so far. They can lead to some different brilliant mobile startup ideas probably.

Periscope - is a live streaming video mobile app which helps you to “go live” via your phone device anywhere and anytime you wish. It’s like you become your own broadcasting station! This startup was sold for $120 million before it even was launched and just by this year it hit 10 million users total. Indeed, this is an outstanding quick start among the rest mobile startup companies.

Luxe - is an app that offers help us with the annoying task of parking in big cities. Before leaving the building just type in the address of your destination, by the time you are there it matches you with the Luxe assistant to help you park. The app was sold for $20 million and is already popular in most of the USA big cities. This is the example how a seemingly mundane practice can inspire mobile app ideas for startup.

Slack -  an app which helps large workplaces use a one group chat with private messaging and of course file sharing. This app took over the business world in no time. Slack was sold for $180 million and is gaining recognition with each day. The app shows how basing on mobile startups the community of entrepreneurs may increase the labor efficiency.

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What connects all of these three successful startups? What makes a startup truly great? Would you risk opening your own startup? Well, it isn’t how cool their office is or how many Instagram followers they have. And it certainly isn’t the number of lines of code written. So how, then, can one measure the success of a mobile startup?

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A successful mobile startup begins with not only a great idea. But also with a thorough implementation, planning that can lead it to success. Surely, not everyone becomes a winner. The mistakes remain the same, and here Indeema formed a list of the most common reasons why some of the mobile startups eventually fail. Let's look at the reasons, causes, and ways to avoid them. Sometimes it is unreasonable to rely on mobile startups to watch their consequences hidden.  All these should be considered before even turning to software developers that will bring your idea to life.

Here the Indeema team would like to share with you three common failure mistakes which can lead you to the thought that you don’t want to spend your time and money on a mobile startup:

Lack of fresh ideas for your startup


While exciting times are ahead, only few people will have the stomach and business aptitude to take things to the next level. It concerns potentially almost all mobile application startup companies. Failure certainly isn’t the word that comes to mind when you think of Microsoft, but have you heard the story when they tried competing with Apple’s iPod? After being on the market for two years hardly two million units were sold.  In October 2011, after numerous failed attempts to capture the iPod market, all Microsoft Zune hardware was discontinued. What can we learn from this story? - Fresh ideas are crucial.

Bad designing


music design

Bad designing mostly means that the app is undesirable to use. And who wants this kind of an app?! A successful and well-designed app will have a proper user interface, high image resolution, careful placing of buttons and offer an absolute user experience.

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Importance of user feedback

User feedback

In some cases an app is failing and you simply cannot understand the cause of this. Here’s an idea – why do you ask your users? Why don’t you ask for their feedback? Seems pretty simple, right?  The feedback that a developer gets from its app users says it all. Some of the users are sure to leave comments which can help you find what is wrong with your app and how you can save it from failing. It might also help you revive your failed app and make it a favorite amongst users.

Selecting the wrong team for startup

It’s critical that startups make choosing the right team a top priority, but it’s also important to proceed with caution. Forming the right team is the universal first step to building a strong and sustainable company. Your startup succeeds or fails not on the strength of your idea or your product, but on the strength of your team. The first step is to build and foster a team that can drive your business whether it be fashion, technology, hospitality or however else you seek to change the world.

There is no doubt that starting a business is difficult, but launching a mobile startup can be even more challenging. Indeema team has shared with you some of the most common mistakes to make sure that you succeed. Let’s check how our warnings will appear among mobile startups 2016.

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