Do you need a product manager for your startup?

We all know what the key elements of a successful startup are. In simple words, it requires three steps. First, you develop your business idea. Second, you hire the team to implement the idea. Third, you start your venture and profit from it. Still, not all startups become successful.

According to the Bull Survey, 57% of the projects fail due to bad communication between relevant parties, 39% of projects fail because of lack of planning of scheduling resources and activities, and 35% of them fail due to the absense of quality control.  

How to address these issues? Probably, there should be someone who knows how to deal with them. One person in your startup can really make a difference and that person is your product manager. It is high time to learn what benefits you get hiring such a pro.

Clients and sales

Effective communication of ideas

When you hire a worthy product manager, you avoid most of disagreements. Product managers ensure the exact understanding of the customer and his demands and promote compromises between the two parties. Good product managers have advanced sense of what is right for the customer. They quickly grasp ideas and do everything to make the product fulfill the expectations and pronounced demands.  


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Effective communication

One clear vision for everyone

Product managers accumulate knowledge to see the entire picture. They spend a lot of time gathering the pieces and thinking them through. Moreover, product managers get general ideas of a project thanks to diligent observation. They are the ones who remember all the project details when others forget it. In other words, product managers work as careful observers and memory banks. Hence, they tend to know more and remember more than others do.


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Vision for everyone

Effective cooperation

Product managers work as crafty bandmasters. Of course, you can wait until your team members achieve some balance working independently. However, waiting for a miracle can take weeks. It is easier to invite a qualified product manager. Having the clear vision in mind, he has a power to direct team’s efforts in the right direction. Under his supervision, everyone knows what he does and why does he do it. As a result, product managers allow you to avoid the chaos.


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Good project specification

Critical opinion

After the release, you will appreciate the work of your product manager the most. While everyone in a team celebrates, a product manager remains of sound mind. Being the most product dedicated person he will analyze it in all directions. After the release, a good product manager checks if the product is the maximal fit. For that, he examines the data obtained and helps the team uncover what parts work and what do not. Then, by common efforts they develop the plan of improvements and further testing. So, you can be sure customers will be satisfied with the product.

To sum up, hiring a product manager you receive a pro who is a real multitasker

  • Product manager works a translator in a company. Knowing customer’s demands, he is ready to convey them to other team members. Thus, you avoid confusions.
  • Product manager also operates as a memory bank. Ask him anytime about the details of the product and you will get the answer immediately.
  • Product manager serves as an organizer. He knows how the tasks are distributed and he is there to track the progress of others.
  • Product manager works as objective critic of the product. He will always point to both strengths and weaknesses so you know where to work more.

To conclude, hiring a project manager within your project can provide numerous pros and contribute to your product efficiency in the long run, so why hesitate?     

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