A perfect team structure for a perfect release

By all means it must be a perfect relationship. Even so, idealising the work process does not necessarily yield better results. These facts notwithstanding, clients expect the best results whenever they farm out their work to freelancers or outsourcing companies.

What constitutes a stellar team: versatility of skills, lean organization of workflow or a good rapport? What secures a successful release?

What type of team is good for your project

As far as the clients are concerned, the team must comply with all their wishes and never exceed their budget, it must meet every deadline and organize the process as efficiently as possible. However, this is easier said than done. The findings of an experiment conducted at Google suggest that it is team dynamics that ensures the company success and not an individual engineer. But for Vozniak and a bunch of techies, Steve Jobs would have never built Apple. But for the loyal team, Elon Musk would have never launched Tesla cars and SpaceX. After all, we are strong when we are together. This hints at considerable efforts to build the best team structure emphasizing its importance for a perfect competitive firm.

An integral team is the one where each member complements each of the others while achieving their full potential. Indeema has built such a unit by employing like-minded people  and nurturing new talents through its courses. Our team structure among other issues substantiates why we are able to provide perfect releases.

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Perfect team for perfect release

But what is a perfect release? At Indeema, we use Agile to roll out products. What sets it apart from other methodologies is that it releases versions incrementally as well as focusing on frequent testing and delivery of the product. It also makes the team complete each feature before moving ahead and requires close cooperation between stakeholders. Our experience shows that customers find it reassuring to receive versions of the product often and see the development steps first hand, especially when they are made by an outsourcing company.

For this reason, Indeema uses the project management web application Redmine, giving our clients an opportunity to keep track of each task. Hence, our ability of providing a perfect release management is based on both the best team structure and the advanced methodologies.  

As well as frequent builds, testing is an indispensable part too because it is infinitely easier to fix the problems immediately rather than when they have mounted up. A concrete example is one of our current projects, a mileage tracking system for Android, iOS and web, where only the utmost precision and continual testing can ensure the success of the product.

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