7 tips to find the best software development providers for your project

Imagine you are a client and you would like to launch your new idea of developing a cool website or awesome application for your business. It goes without saying that the crucial objective of these additional features for business will increase your income. A new website and app would definitely help you. So what is your next step?

Working as a client partner in a software company, I definitely know that the next step would be looking for a company that may work this magic for you. While communicating with customers worldwide, I became aware of their needs, wishes and even fears. Nowadays mobile solutions are no longer an option for business but a necessity. So how do you finally find the right software development provider which would fit your requirements and professionally develop it for you?

How to find a good software development providers?

  1. First of all, research the different companies finding out about their expertise both in software development and in the outsourcing operations comparing your goals with a particular company. It can help you better understand your needs and the possibilities the chosen companies may provide;

  2. Following the first step, you need to choose the company you are to interview so that you may voice the needs and ideas concerning your project. If you are able to chat face to face it is even better as you can easily work together and reduce costs on business trips. But in most cases, you work with foreign companies so conversation via skype would be a necessity. It is a good chance to get acquainted with not only PM and sales team but better understand the expertise of the company along with its experience in operation outsourcing. You always have the option of declining an interview and withdrawing your candidacy for employment;

  3. Ask a company with whom you are about to work about previous projects they developed, what technologies they used and which of these they plan to apply to your project. Share your ideas with them. Advice from qualified experts is always valuable;

  4. Research the chosen software provider as much as possible. Become an analyst who thinks carefully in order to find the best approach how to outsource the work. It is essential, because if you choose a bad company it will be only your fault due to the lack of information on it;

  5. Value prompt replies! While chatting with potential teams notice how quickly you get the answers. Some serious clients do not take seriously teams that do not reply quickly. Why? Because time is everything!

  6. Feedbacks! This is what can show you at once whether you should deal with this team or not. You can google it, ask your partners/friends or the easiest way is to look at their website. You can also see the rating of companies;

  7. In order to avoid misunderstanding in communication find only those whose command of language can fit you and your project. Very often a lot of online staffing platforms like Elance/oDesk suggest passing an English test so that you are able to see their level. In case you are interested in long term cooperation of your projects’ outsourcing, this is very important.

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Remember: in today’s economy, contracting with the best people is more critical than ever as they can increase your profits or vice versa worsen your business from a bad hiring choice. The cost of searching for new teams, interviewing and engaging is high and takes your valuable time. And bear in mind communication skills really matter! When you have all the info, try to put it together and make up a mental picture. If you like it - you are about to succeed. So be active, energetic and enthusiastic to find the best match for your standards as everything depends on you. Good Luck!

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