6 Promising German-Austrian IoT Startups

Today, technologies around us evolve at a crazy pace and make people’s life easier in many ways. The Internet of Things proves that better than anything. It has already gotten into many industries: green energy, gaming, automotive. We present you 6 most promising German and Austrian IoT startups, which we hope will inspire you to create your own IoT products.



Are you an active person who can’t live without exercising? How do you deal with traveling around and keeping yourself fit? With pushups and situps on the hotel floor? But can they really replace the gym? Well, now there is an IoT solution that solves your problem!
Meet STRAFFR — a classic resistance band made smart. What is unique about it? It not only lets you do your set of training literally anywhere but also helps you exercise. See it as your personal coach you can take everywhere you go.

What was the idea that started the STRAFFR project? The team travels a lot and realized there should be a versatile and smart fitness device. Running and doing pushups couldn’t keep them motivated. At first, they used classical resistance bands since they are the most portable training devices out there. However, there is a big disadvantage: the lack of quantification. You are unable to accurately track your training progress. That is exactly the gap STRAFFR fits into.

The STRAFFR user is an active and busy person who doesn’t want to interrupt their training schedule with every holiday or business trip. How does it really help the user? You get not only a smart device but also full support of your training. Innovative corrective feature alarms you whenever you pull too hard, hold too short or count too little. The band’s material is also smart, which makes the whole band a sensor, detecting every stretch on the band no matter where you pull. It measures power, velocity, and repetitions applied to the band.

Does STRAFFR’s team regret anything? Well, as all the startups, they also did mistakes in the development process. The team admits that they should have asked for feedback from potential customers earlier. What really helped to boost the project, was putting STRAFFR in the hands of people who would actually use it.

From beginners to workout veterans; STRAFFR is a smart, fun, and motivating fitness solution for everyone. Want to keep yourself fit no matter where and when? STRAFFR is exactly what you need.



You come home from an exhausting day at work and realize that you left your keys at your office desk. Again. Frustrating, isn’t it? Or you are a professional cyclist and have to carry your keys with you all the time. Annoying, huh? Or imagine taking your phone from the pocket and seeing its screen all scratched. That’s enough to make you a bad mood for the day, right? That’s exactly what happened to the team of Austrian IoT startup Nuki.

So, what is Nuki and how does it change your life? It’s a smart lock that lets you forget about all the key problems once and for all. Your life will become simply more convenient and worry-free than before:

  • In the morning, when you leave, the Lock ‚n‘ Go Feature automatically locks your door after you leave.
  • During the day you can check if your children have arrived at home safely thanks to the optional protocol feature in the Nuki app.
  • Your online order is being delivered but you are still in the office? No worries: just unlock your door remotely. Adding an indoor camera to the process helps to keep peace of mind without ever having to pick-up parcels at pick-up points again.
  • You arrive home late with a lot of groceries in your arms? Thanks to Auto Unlock your door is opened automatically as soon as you arrive at your doorstep.
  • At night time you can sleep worry-free because the Smart Locks automatically locks your door at the time you want!

Nuki adds convenience in many situations of daily life: Never worry about lost or forgotten keys again. You are still in the office but your guests are already at your doorstep? Just open them remotely! You want to hand out extra keys during your vacation for your family and neighbors to take care of your plants and buts but you have run out of spare keys? No worries, just assign digital access rights! You are responsible for an elderly relative and need to make sure that caregivers have secure and controllable access? Nuki is the solution to your problem.

What does Nuki team consider their greatest achievement? They are proud to be the first European Smart Lock to offer integration with all major voice assistants. This is, by the way, one of the trends we predict for 2020.

BS2 Sicherheitssysteme

BS2 Sicherheitssyeme

In the modern world, most of our constructions are made out of concrete. But what happens, if it gives a crack? The building/bridge/street can’t function and is closed until repairment is done. But what if you could monitor the state of concrete and save your structure before the problem even occurs?

That’s exactly what BS2 Sicherheitssysteme is for. With its help, you can see what exactly is going on with your structure. You may have not even a clue about hidden issues your structure has, but with this device, you will be aware all the time. Wouldn’t it be great to see all the possible problems years before they get actually visible? With BS2 Sicherheitssysteme you can just go through your day and not worry about anything in your structure. From now on you can forget about climbing places, or stopping traffic. Now BS2 Sicherheitssysteme is here for you.

The team behind this project think that their biggest achievement is creating a unique wireless, energyless sensor that can last up to 50 years and longer inside the construction.

What about the biggest failure? BS2 Sicherheitssysteme says that timing is the key. They have entered the construction market 6 years ago, and it wasn’t ready for such a project. Is it now? Keep an eye on BS2 Sicherheitssysteme to find out!

smaXtec animal care

smaXtec animal care

The farming industry, especially dairy farming, has undergone rapid change in the last decades. And now faces a number of challenges. Farmers are now confronted with a lot more responsibilities and a higher workload. More difficult decisions need to be taken. Thus, they find themselves in a very stressful everyday life. Herd sizes are growing, stricter regulations, as well as the scarcity of qualified staff, determine work on a farm. An increase in efficiency is necessary. Here is where smaXtec enters the game, supporting farmers in facing the challenges by monitoring their herd 24/7.

So how do you change the entire dairy industry with only one device? SmaXtec lets you track the main life parameters inside the cow’s body, so you can always be sure in what state it is. How does it work? The unique data collected on the inside of the cow, so users get all the information in real-time. What are the parameters you receive about your herd?

  • Health state
  • Reproduction
  • Feeding status

How does it improve a farmer’s life?

  • You can optimize cost for your farm maintenance
  • It helps you automate the work
  • Your cows will improve their reproductive performance
  • You can detect any cows' diseases before clinical signs can be observed
  • Of course, milk yield will increase
  • In general, you will need less time for routine work

What part of their project is smaXtec most proud of? They say that the biggest success is that smaXtec is able to adapt the inside monitoring system exactly to the needs of the customers.

As a software or technology company it happens too often that in the beginning, you do not focus on your customers’ needs as much as you should. You develop past your actual market. This happened to smaXtec too. However, smaXtec learned from its mistakes and now very strongly includes the customers’ needs and requests into every development stage of their products.



Did you know that one-third of food goes to waste BEFORE it even reaches the supermarkets? It’s enough food to feed 2BN people!

With current technology we can reduce such waste, so Sensefinity team decided to create an end to end solution for that.

How does it work? Sensefinity provides a global visible supply-chain picture, updated in real-time, all around the world. This will reduce waste across the processes, increase quality and reduce insurance premiums. Customers can rest assured that goods are following the standards in the supply chain. They will get notifications when goods are in danger and can, therefore, warn their supply-chain partners. As a result, this will reduce anxiety and stress in everyday work.

What about the greatest achievement in creating such a project? Sensefinity team says it’s creating a global, collaborative network (they call it the Internet of Cargo), which gets better the more market players start using and collaborating to it.

No project can go without failures, right? So what is Sensefinity’s? They say it’s making a change in peoples’ minds. It is always difficult to transmit. Luckily, people’s awareness is increasing and companies are changing.

Today we see more and more companies which are keen to reduce waste and increase the value and quality of the goods they sell. If you are one of them, then Sensefinity is for you.



You live in a building with Well, our next German IoT startup is here to solve your problem.

You simply integrate BEAD sensor device into the building and it keeps an eye on its parameters:

  • Motion
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity
  • Noise

Then device analyzes and learns the daily use cycle, energy consumption, user behavior, and occupancy changes. It works for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. After measurements it gives feedback to its automation systems, connecting it to the real-time operation of the building.

With it, you can improve the operation of your:

  • Lighting
  • Air quality
  • Thermal comfort
  • Noise and acoustics

The users of BEAD are either Facility Managers, Operations Managers, or BMS engineers who are in charge of daily operations in the buildings. Those people have the same problem. They don't have time in order to update the system according to the usage trends and human behavior. They usually deal with maintenance issues in the building but also they need to speak with dissatisfied customers etc. BEAD provides them with real-time data and operational solution which helps them to save time but also optimize comfort levels., operations and energy consumption.

As of today, BEAD has installed over 3000 BEAD sensors and systems in over 100 buildings. They are now generating over 1MB data in real-time from them.

But with the rise of new technologies, many people see them as a threat. Some of BEAD customers are against our system because they think that it will take over their jobs. Engaging those people in our system is still a difficult problem which they are trying to solve. That shows that the adaptation cycle in certain technologies is not as short as you may think it is.

If you like what you see and are inspired to create your own IoT startup, don’t forget to check 5 steps to creating your project.

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